The braided rug seems to have been a staple of the American lifestyle forever. Actually, early settlers to America were influenced by Native American braiding techniques and were soon covering their floors with braided straw mats. When the colonists started making wool, the rugs became more colorful, and they started using scraps of cloth left over from sewing, to make even more interesting patterns. In the early 1900's mechanization turned continuous yarn into manufactured braided rugs. These rugs were oval in shape, but in 1999, Homespice Decor, formerly J. Quilts, introduced the rectangular braided rug. The latest innovation is the Supernova braided rug by Homespice Decor, which is a splash of color in a unique design for a more modern feel to a room.

Rectangular braided rugs can set the tone of a room, usually country or comfortable classic, in soft area rugs that cover large floor spaces, such as living rooms, dining rooms under the table and chairs, and bedrooms where you don't want to use wall to wall carpeting. Accent rugs bring bursts of color, texture, and casualness to a room.

These rugs come in many different fabrics. The fabric you choose depends on the traffic area. For entryways or places where people are wearing shoes, choose durable and easy to spot clean fabrics, like seagrass or bamboo. Fabrics that do not mildew or are not damaged by water are useful on porches and patios. Soft, warm fabrics are good in front of chairs, sofas, fireplaces, sinks, or stoves.

The positive aspects of braid rugs are that they are affordable, durable, and reversible. Negative aspects are that they slip easily without a rug pad, have to be dry cleaned, and cannot be vacuumed with a beater brush.

When purchasing a braid rug take into consideration where it will be used, the size you need, and the workmanship. Homespice Decor and Colonial Mills have a great product. It's always good to go with a well known brand to assure quality. Area rugs are going to have to last you a long time so it is worth it to invest a little more cash up front than have to frequently purchase new ones.