One of the better pieces of exercise equipment that one can invest in today is a recumbent exercise bike. Although virtually all gyms and fitness facilities feature them as part of the assortment of cardiovascular equipment available to members, recumbent bikes are available for purchase by those who have home gyms. A recumbent bike offers numerous benefits for the user.

First, this piece of equipment places minimal strain on the back and neck, due to the position of the seat. Indeed, the equipment is called "recumbent" because the user sits in a recumbent position - that is, similar to the position assumed when one drives an automobile. The back and neck are fully supported and cushioned in this position and are not subject to any jolts, shocks or twists.

Second, a good recumbent exercise bike will never be "outgrown" by the user. Most recumbent bikes come equipped with a computerized control panel that allows the user to adjust the difficulty level of the ride, and switch between programs. For example, one could opt to take a level eight ride that simulates a mountain ride, with high peaks and valleys.

If you opt for this workout, be sure to have a bottle of water handy, because you will need it! Or, one could opt to take a 10 minute warm up ride that warms his muscles and prepares his body for a work out with weights. Next, and very significantly, a recumbent bike offers a low impact workout. This is extremely important for exercisers who suffer from knee, ankle, back and neck conditions. Because the feet never touch the ground and simply move in a circle (around the pedals), there is no jarring impact to areas of the spine, knee, or ankle that could be further injured in connection with such impact.

So safe and beneficial is the recumbent bike that many physical therapy and rehabilitation centers use it as a part of a treatment and therapy regime for rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries. Third, recumbent exercise bikes today are extremely well made and can be quite affordable. If a reputable brand is purchased, the bike can be expected to last for years and years, with little maintenance required, apart from occasionally changing the display battery from time to time. Fourth, the recumbent bike is a piece of equipment that all members of a family can enjoy. Because the difficulty level is adjustable, a person seeking a short warm up may utilize the bike, just as a person seeking a full-blown cardiovascular workout may use it. Even younger members of the family may enjoy a recumbent bicycle, with proper supervision, of course.

In conclusion, the recumbent bike is a piece of equipment that far outshines much of what is advertised on television today. It may not be the fodder of late night infomercials and television shopping channels, but if you invest in a Recumbent Exercise Bike, you will not regret the decision. You will feel stronger and better, your family will feel stronger and better, and your friends will envy your improved appearance.