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The best exercise bike

Exercise bicycles or bikes, also known as stationary bikes are a group of exercise equipments with saddle, pedals, and handle bars assembled together to form of a stationary bicycle.  Exercise bicycles provide an excellent aerobic exercise, they are low-impact and more compact, and are considerably cheaper than other home fitness equipments.

Stationary bikes come in different varieties: upright and recumbent. Each has its specific use depending on your health and physical needs. This article will you analyze the difference between a recumbent exercise bike and upright exercise bike. Find out which one is the best exercise bike for you.

The Critical Difference Between Recumbent & Upright Bikes

A recumbent exercise bike features reclined seat with a back support that looks more like a chair while an upright exercise bike looks more like a traditional road bike.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Aside from having a reclining seat feature, recumbent bikes also have handle bars positioned at the shoulder level, making them easier to reach without putting too much pressure on your shoulders or wrist. This type of exercise bicycle, despite having a different seat placement, allows the user to maintain the proper angle of the leg for pedaling.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright exercise bikes

Upright exercise bicycles have long been around before recumbent bikes. The seat of an upright bike is positioned over the pedal just like that of a traditional bike, and the height of the seat is also adjustable to fit any body size. The handle bars are leveled slightly or are equally leveled with the seat: so you have to lean forward when using an upright bike. In order to gain more power, the person using it can stand and pedal with greater pressure and exertion. 

Price Range of Exercise Bikes

Prices of recumbent and upright bikes may vary from $200 to $1000 or more depending on its brand accompanying features. Schwinn, Marcy, and Stamina are some of the most positively reviewed brands currently with an estimated cost of $400 or lower. The most expensive ones, like Livestrong and Avari, have additional walkthrough, in-touch monitors, and trainer features.

Key Considerations to Help you Find the Best Exercise Bike

  • Upright Exercise bikes, having the traditional qualities of a normal bike, provide a good upper, and sometimes lower back workout. It also takes less space than recumbent exercise bikes do. Recumbent bikes are usually longer in width. Also, upright bikes have smaller and slimmer seats which regular bikers are more accustomed to. Most upright bikes are less costly than recumbent ones.
  • One of the biggest advantages to recumbent bikes is that they are more comfortable to use than upright stationary bicycles considering that they have chair-like seats and many of its models feature handle bars next to the seat as well as in front of it. It also provides better back support, giving a good lower body work out.
  • Upright and recumbent models provide the same level of work out support; however, recumbent bikes, having a more comfortable back support, are often used for physical therapy. For people who have difficulty with balance or are suffering from wrist and back injuries, it is recommended to use recumbent bikes. But for people who love training out-doors, it would be preferable to pick an upright bike giving them the same road bike experience.

If your goal is to burn calories with an aerobic work out, either of the two bicycles can help you achieve your goals. You can burn as much as 450 calories on both bicycles. People who are suffering with joint, back or other health conditions would prefer a recumbent bike, while those who more inclined to out-door cycling would go for an upright exercise bicycle.

How to Use an Exercise Bike