Have you recently upgraded your old out dated brick to a new flashy phone that does your chores?

Well most people do every day, but what about that now lonely cell phone with no place to call home? I worked in the wireless industry for over seven years and have seen and heard it all. I have created some unique ideals you may not have thought of for disposing of your old cell phones and possibly making some extra cash on the side! If you also want some cost saving tips on getting the lowest price on a cell phone please read this article.

1. Keep it as a backup: Every day I would get a few customers that "washed their phone" or their phone decided to "jump out the window" of their vehicle. They were shocked when I told them it would be a few hundred dollars to buy what once was a "free phone" on a two year contract. Without Insurance (which I also believe is a rip-off) these phones cost a lot of money at full retail price. If you keep your phone as a backup then you can avoid buying a new one in the event your phone decides to "go for a swim".

2. Sell it on Ebay/Craigslist: You will be surprised at what people will buy these days. What may look to you as a piece of out dated junk may be really cool or "retro" to a stylish teenager. I sold my old iphone on craigslist and was paid top dollar, it all depends on who wants to buy. Maybe their old phone "went for a ride" and now they are looking for a more cost effective solution then purchasing one full price at the retail stores. Even if your not buying or selling an Iphone or Droid X there are people who still buy phones as backups to their old ones that they lose or break.

3. Donate it to a charity such as Womens Shelters: Your old phone may be depressed now that it's owner has replaced them for a newer model, but that doesn't mean they can't help make the world a better place. Show your old phone that a new life awaits them by helping someone less fortunate who can not afford to buy a phone but needs one to make 911 calls. They will feel better about their future knowing they could maybe one day help save someones life.

4. RECYCLE IT!!: Whatever you do DON'T THROW IT IN THE TRASH!! Cell Phones can be recycled and their parts can be re-used again. Please help make the world a cleaner place and recycle your old phones. Request a cell phone recycle baggie from your cell phone retail provider and you can easily dispose of your phones by throwing them in the bag and then into your mailbox. It's seriously that EASY!

I hope you have learned a little bit about getting rid of your old phone and hopefully makeing some cash on the side!