Recycled backpacks are a great way to save money this year on your back to school supplies.

If you have a backpack or your kids have a backpack that is still in good condition, with all the zippers and closures working, then why not reuse it? 

If your kids are staring at you like you have three heads when you make this suggestion, take them to the arts and crafts store, or the sewing store and with permanent markers, fabric paint and possibly some appliques from the sewing store such as rhinestones and patches, you may spark some ideas.

Depending on the age of your kids, you can make this a simple project or a more complex one for the older kids.Recycled Backpacks

Many music stores will sell patches for favourite bands, that can be ironed on your backpack, or glued on with fabric glue if your backpack is nylon.

You can glue on rhinestones, beads, or even use sharpie style markers and colourful duct tape to create designs or you can pin on buttons. 

Just a few simple additions is a great way to recycle backpacks and save on purchasing new ones for the school year.

It can get expensive outfitting kids for back to school, and if you can save money on backpacks by your kids simply redecorating them and repurposing them for the new year this can help.

You can even get shoe paints now to decorate those tired looking shoes, especially if they still fit, or colourful duct tapes to decorate your binder so you can reuse it. 

Recycling backpacks and reusing them when you can is also a “green” thing to do, with less waste.

But if you have taken a look at their backpacks this year, and there is nothing you can do to disguise the ratty condition, then before you throw it away consider some other uses for it.

Recycle Backpacks into the Trunk – Give the old pack a good wash, and then use it in the trunk of your car to store scrapers, tools that tend to roll around in the trunk all winter, or keep a spare pack ready with blankets for those cold mornings in the car or books and toys for those longer trips.

Sports Gear – A great alternative for all those bits of sports gear that are floating around in the closet.   Using recycled backpacks for additional storage is a great idea even if they are no longer good for school.

So, give yourself a bit of time before school starts, and take out those old backpacks from last year and see if they can be washed and repurposed with some creative arts and crafts.  Just adding a few rhinestones or trinkets or patches can make it look completely different and your kids will be happy to carry it to school for another year.

But if they are in a sorry state, then wash them and use them for storage.  With kids, there is always something to be stored whether in the house or the car.

Reusing is great for the environment and the wallet.  So, get your kids creativity going with a recycled backpacks project.  Another great way to recycle this school year is to get reusable sandwich wraps for their lunches and save on all those baggies.