Recycled Christmas Card Craft ideasCredit: morguefile.comIf you get lots of greeting cards at the holidays, and have been wondering just what to do with them, since you don’t like the idea of simply throwing them out, then check out these 3 ideas.

Gift Tags

This is one I use all the time, and have done so for many years.  I am not a big fan of waste at the holidays, and I don’t like to use too much in the way of wrapping paper, so I will use recycled gift bags for my gifts.

Many times these gift bags no longer have their attached original gift card, so I create my own using recycled Christmas cards.

If you are into scrapbooking and have many different shaped cutters, then you can have a lot of fun with this craft, but you can also simply trace different shapes from around the house onto the backside of the greeting card (backside of the picture part) I found a large drinking glass works quite well, and then cut it out.

Try and center it over a cute part of the Christmas card, and then with a hole punch, punch a hole for a ribbon or piece of embroidery thread or whatever you may have around the house.

Then thread it through this hole and attached to the gift with your greeting written on the backside.  This looks like a purchased gift tag.

recycled Christmas card crafts(119370)Credit:

EK Success Tools Punch, Butterfly Large

If you love to cut shapes from cards, then consider getting many of the cool shaped cutters on the market now, these will make it easier to cut out uniform shapes.

Christmas Post Cards

If you like to send Christmas cards each year, then you can recycle some of the ones you received from last year into cute postcards.  This is actually quite fun.Recycled Christmas Card CraftsCredit:

Simply take your greeting card and cut off the word part (usually back part of the card) and this leaves you with just the front of the card.  Make sure it is a card that does not have writing on this side or any printed words.

You are usually left with a rectangle shaped card.  With the blank side of the rectangle shaped card sitting in front of you, take a ruler and a black pen or marker and put a line down the center of the backside of this greeting card.

The left side will be for the address of your recipient and the right side will be your quick greeting.

Put a stamp on the top right corner and pop it in the mail just like a regular postcard.  Unless you have something to include or something very personal to say, this is a great way to send a quick Christmas greeting without wasting an envelope.

Christmas Ball

This is a fun way to use up those Christmas cards and make them into beautiful hanging ornaments.  You could have fun with this recycled Christmas card craft by creating the same craft with other styles of greeting cards, so that this craft is not restricted to the holidays.

Check out the video below for this great craft idea

Christmas Ball from Recycled Christmas Cards

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