Recycled glass countertop by Vetrazzo

Move aside granite and Corian. Back off tiling and wood slabs. A new countertop surface is moving in to kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor barbecue areas and even living rooms. And this one is ecologically friendly. Be on the lookout for recycled glass countertops.

This beautiful innovation grabs glass from bottles, broken stained glass and window glass, even glass from traffic stop lights - material that was never recycled before - and fuses it into a composite of fascinating color and design with a smooth, durable surface perfect for countertops. Glass can come from just about any source and some may have colorful histories.

Unlike using virgin stone like granite or marble, recycled glass does not use up a non-renewable resource. Nor does it deplete our forests to build wood slabs. Rather, it takes materials that would otherwise fill trash heaps and makes those materials into artistic but practical surfaces. With recycled glass countertops, you can choose your colors or color combinations and every surface is unique. These countertops do not need the careful maintenance of stone and wood either and can handle both hot and cold without a mark. The formation process plains the surface of these recycled glass counters to a super-smooth, glossy finish that blends with any style or decor.

Not only do you get a creative and unique surface that is both serviceable and beautiful, but some companies even offer a 'Certificate of Transformation' or 'History Certificate' that gives you the whole story behind the glass that is included. In some cases the history can be as colorful as the countertop you are buying.

Check into recycled glass countertops as a new alternative to decorating your flat counter surfaces. Not only will you be on the 'cutting edge' (pardon the pun) of interior fashion, but you will have counters that are the envy of the neighborhood. And you will be getting all this beauty knowing you are saving on landfill waste and helping to preserve our non-renewable resources. The recycled glass countertop is an eco-friendly, practical solution with style!