Reduce, Reuse and recycle is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint,  so to find a recycled seat belt purse is the height of creativity when it comes to the term "reuse". This is a great idea!

These purses are big on the market this year,  and would make a great gift idea for that  girl on your list who is all about reducing and reusing everyday items, as well as being hard to buy for.  This is something completely different than the usual style bags and purses.

It actually makes sense, to create a purse or tote or any kind of bag from recycled seat belts, as this material is strong.  It was designed to hold you firm in case of an accident, so what better fabric to use for a tough bag? 

You can get these in many different colours, but the simple gray one as pictured will go with anything you are likely to wear, and they are pretty stain resistant too.  They are tightly woven with cleaned and reused seat belt fabrics and then lined with a soft lining and compartments just like any other purse.Recycled Seat Belt Purse

If you are looking for a different style of purse, or a gift for that girl on your list, then starting your shopping right now would be a great idea.  These purses are in most accessory stores, but there is a large assortment to pick from online.  So, shopping early is important if you want to be able to get picky with styles and colours for the holiday season this year.

Maggie Bags Recycled Seatbelt Medium Tote-bag

Just think about it, many cars end up in the junk yard, and are parted out and then recycled for their metal content, but you didn't often see the seat belts on the shelves with those spare parts from those old cars.  This is just one more part that can be brought back to life after the car is gone.

This is a great way to reuse and create a purse that is not only strong and durable, but actually good looking and fashionable!

You can get these seat belt purses in many different sizes, but personally I think the larger purse or totes look the best.

If you want to try your hand at making one yourself, there are a few sites out there that will offer free patterns to create many kinds of purses, such as  You can order the recycled seat belt fabric online and get creative and add bling to this simple yet stylish bag.

The look of the woven fabric, and the sheen you get from the recycled seat belts is the perfect match for a tote bag for shopping or for a great looking purse.

Amazon is one site that carries these recycled purses, but you can also check with other online accessory stores to see if you can find other shapes, colours and styles.  These are really hot this holiday season and are a great idea that not only looks great but follows the recycle, reduce and reuse rule we are all trying to follow.