Recycling has become ever more important as there are more people on the planet and the planet's natural resources are being used up.

Recycling is the taking of materials, such as glass, paper, plastic, metals or wood, that have already been used and discarded and using them to make new products. The materials are still useful once broken back down into their original form in many cases. For example, glass can be melted down again and again, it can continually be reused to make new glass products. This goes for paper, plastic, metals and wood as well. Recycling reuses what we already have, instead of dipping into fresh, raw materials to make products.

Recycling is the act of taking what is already used and replacing it that used product with the same product that has been processed to be reused again. However, recycling also includes taking materials and turning them into something completely different. Recycled plastic has been used to make coats and jackets, faux materials. This includes glass that is melted down and made into completely different glass products.

Recycling also includes removing materials from other products to be reused in new products. For instance, metals from batteries or parts from computers are removed and used in other products again. This is a type of salvage recycling which also includes removing scrap steel and wood from buildings or cars. Salvage recycling removed all worthy materials to be used again, reducing the amount of waste produced from products.

Part of recycling is the need for recycling plants and companies to retrieve recycled materials from homes and businesses to be transported to a recycling plant. Many states have recycling companies that collect the materials to be recycled, they are then sorted again and sold to recycling plants, that redistribute them again to companies to make their products. There are also recycling bins in public buildings, schools and parks that are labeled to place certain recyclable materials.

Recycling overall reduces the need to use fresh products and also lowers the amount of waste and garbage that many times lands in land fills.