Recycling for cash isn't something many people think of, although it makes perfect sense. You've got old electronics like laptops, tvs and batteries just sitting at home and taking up space, right? Why not turn these into extra spending money while being environmentally responsible at the same time. If you've got kids at home, chances are you also have outgrown electronics, too. You can turn a spring-cleaning purge of your old tech treasures into a teachable moment on recycling for kids. This article will show you how to recycle your electronics for cash. 

Recycling Electronics for Cash with

One of my favorite options for everything from netbooks to mp3 players, is a website that allows to you specify exactly which electronics you're trying to recycle and their current condition. In return, Gazelle will give you a purchase quote of a price they're willing to pay for your goods. If you accept their deal, they'll even foot the postage bill so you can ship your stuff to them for free.

Once they receive and verify the condition of your shipment, they will paypal you the total amount agreed upon and then either break down and recycle your old electronics or refurbish them for resale. Either way, you're doing right by the environment and keeping your unwanted devices out of landfills where their internal components cause great harm to the ecosystem.

Recycling Your Laptops, CDS and Electronics for Cash

Gazelle is a great starting point if you're uncertain how to best recycle your laptop or music player, for example. As you can see from their website, they also recycle tablets, CDs, video games, LCD monitors and cell phones. They'll often give you a fair bit of cash if your model is recent and working properly. Keep in mind they won't always be able to offer you money if your devices are severely worn down or broken, but they're nevertheless one of the best places to start recycling for cash. 


Important Information On Recycling CDs

Like most computer and music player owners, you probably have a stack or two of old or unused compact discs that you'd like to get rid of. Mix tapes you're no longer interested in or computer programs from last decade are unlikely to be of any further help, but there are a few complications to keep in mind when recycling your old CDs. 

Unfortunately, compact discs are made from what is known as plastic #7, a material that cannot be properly handled by most regular community recycling services. This makes it essential that you send your old discs into proper facilities that are set up to process them correctly. It also makes it pretty tough to turn any kind of a profit from cleaning out your old music library, but it's still the right thing to do so far as the Earth is concerned. Some people are concerned that sensitive data stored on their CDs could be compromised while being recycled. If this worries you, consider first shredding your CDs before mailing them into CD recycling companies. 

Here's a list of CD reycling companies that you can contact online and then ship your old discs to:

The bad news is that you'll have to foot the bill for getting your CDs to the recycling facility. However, the company does not charge a fee for the actual processing, which is nice. Folks in the U.S. should take advantage of the post office's media mail rates for the most affordable shipping. 

This company will charge you a fee for processing your CDs, but they will also accept a wider variety of materials such as a cords and cell phones and laptops. If you're looking to get everything done in one go and as quickly as possible, they may be your best bet. 

Recycling Laptops for Cash

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of recycling your laptops online, you can always bring them to electronic recycling facilities in your area. Some will charge you for their service and some will take them for free.

The fact of the matter is that many of these companies will actually turn around and make money from your old netbook, either by fixing it up onsite and reselling it or stripping it down for valuable parts. You can do the same thing and recycle your own laptop for cash rather than handing it to a stranger!

Recycling Old Laptops for Cash

The most desirable elements within a recycled laptop are those that are able to be used again cleanly and without issue in other machines. This means that memory sticks, motherboards and hard drives in proper working order can all be tested, pulled out and resold on eBay or craigslist. Keep in mind that reselling hard drives requires that you format your disk so it is completely clean of any traces of your old data. 

eBay is almost always going to the best choice for selling reusable laptop parts online. You'd be surprised how active the market is for components like motherboards, memory sticks and laptop screens is, even when these components are somewhat outdated. The reason for this is that many technicians who refurbish or rebuild computers use eBay as a repository of parts. If you don't get a favorable offer from any computer recycling center for your old machine, consider breaking it down (carefully!) and recycling it via eBay for cash. 

Turning Computers into Valuable Scrap Metals

Another way to recycle your old computer for extra money is to break them down into their most basic components and sort them according to their contents of valuable metals. For example, computer mother boards contain gold. It's possible to find gold, silver and platinum in certain machines, and there are metal processing plants that will pay for these materials, especially in large quantities. They make their money by breaking down the components, separating and extracting these metals and reselling them. 

If you have bulk electronics you can break them all down and store their parts until you have enough of them to sell to a metal processor. They will usually purchase your boards and parts by weighing them and giving you a set price per weight for each kind of component. 

How to Recycle Your Laptops for Extra Cash

The problem with this method is that many metal processing companies only want to deal with large quantities to make the recycling worth their while and cost. A simple way around this is to offer to relieve your friends, neighbors, relatives and workplace of all unwanted old electronics for free. In exchange, you get to break everything down and save up the components for metal extractors. 

Recycling Cell Phones for Extra Cash

Here's a website that specializes in cell phones and mobiles of all kinds - Whether you're tired of your iphone, android mobile or anything in between, makes it easy to turn in your cell phone for recycling in exchange for a quick cash payment. 

If you've got the original charger for your cell phone, that's even better. First, you visit the site and specify the make and model of your phone, then you receive a shipping box in the mail. Pop your cell in and ship it back to the company. Once your device is verified it will be recycled or resold and you'll get a check!

Battery Recycling Essentials

Batteries are some of the largest environmental hazards we produce. Containing poisons like cadmium and mercury, they absolutely cannot end up in landfills, where they'll leech out into water supplies and fields that grow food. 

One of the best places right now to visit for assistance with recycling your old batteries is This organization not only provides a wealth of free information on proper methods for battery disposal and recycling, but it also features a location look-up tool that will show you facilities in your area that can handle your unwanted cellphone, laptop and rechargeable batteries. 

Battery recycling experts also stress that you try to buy and use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. They're not only economical because they save you from having to constantly buy replacements for your devices, but they're also better for the environment because they mean less batteries will end up in landfills.