Don't Dump, DonateCredit: devices are used all around the world. Refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, computers, household appliances are only some of the most widely used electronic devices in current era. Being the most outrageous inventions of human, electronic devices have played an essential role in changing the time from Stone Age to Modern world. The devices, that are widely used, are normally prepared with recyclable materials, e.g., plastic, iron, steel, silicon and glass. The cost of manufacturing electronic products can decrease significantly if the production process is followed by using recycled waste matters. The recycling electronics process can significantly become a matter of cost minimization as well as better utilization of resources. The recycling electronics process can be comprised of various steps. It specifically designed to extract different substances from the electronic products.

Collect your unused e-waste. Look around your surroundings and find out which kind of electronic products you have and make sure which electronic product can be recycled and, which cannot. Based on manufacturing company’s recycling policy the recycling tag, i.e.,  can be found on almost every patent electronic devices that are used nowadays.

Manufacturer’s recycling program- You need to make sure that whether the product. You are going to recycle is actually recycled by the manufacturer’s own recycling program or not. Most of the companies have their own recycling programs because they know which e-waste is useful for cost reduction and may also cause less time in other manufacturing processes.

Provincial/Municipal recycling program- Make sure that your local government recycling program entertains the electronic devices or not. According to different countries and areas, the governments can impose restrictions on recycling different electronic products because they might have their own recycling system.

Become part of recycling program- You can always play your part in recycling processes by contributing your efforts and waste electronic devices to a recycling company. No matter, you want to become a part of a local recycling company or an internationally recognized recycling electronics company. You can always find a way through which you can play your part individually for the betterment of both economy and environment.

Contact online e-waste programs- You may contact an online electronics recycling organization, which may be working to serve hundreds of customers to recycle their e-waste. Online website interface provide a convenient way to help customers know what can be done with an e-waste and what could possibly be the outcome of recycling their electronic products.

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Donations- You can always play your role being a good citizen or a philanthropist. You may contact a charitable institution in order fulfilling their needs to meet their requirements. Most of the charitable institutions work for betterment in third-world countries, where people are very less open to technology. So, by providing your e-waste to a charitable institution the prospects of recycling electronics may help in both social and environmental aspects.

The recycling process of electronics ultimately emerges global impacts like eco-friendly environment, low cost of production, better utilization of resources and several social impacts.