More than 300 million ink cartridges are used every year but only about 10% is recycled. Most of the ink cartridges end up in landfills causing environmental pollution and consuming landfill space. Many people still don't know the right way to dispose spent ink cartridges. They think that the trash can is the final destination for empty ink cartridges. In reality, empty ink cartridges can be reused by refilling it with brand new ink. Recycling ink cartridges has a lot of benefits to you and to the environment. You can recycle your ink cartridges to earn extra cash, to help your favorite charity, and more importantly to save the environment for the next generation.

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Recycling for Cash

 The original manufacturer of your empty ink cartridges is willing to give you cash in exchange for them. Popular ink cartridge brands provide free shipping labels and even recycling boxes for your empty cartridges. To request shipping labels and recycling boxes, visit their websites for instructions. Check out if the company is willing to pay you in cash if you return back your empty cartridges to them. Besides the manufacturer of your ink cartridges, third party online cartridge retailers like and also accept your ink cartridges in exchange for cash or store credit. The price of each ink cartridge depends on its condition upon return and its model. There are models that are more expensive than others. Besides online cartridge stores, some offline or physical office supply stores have “recycle for cash” programs. Go to the nearest office supply stores in your area and ask if they have such program.  

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Recycling for Charity

Besides donating cash, you can also donate your empty ink cartridges for charity. In the USA and UK, there are many “Recycle for Charity Programs” that you can check out if you are living in these countries. Are you familiar with This organization accepts empty inkjet cartridges and other electronic wastes from individuals and companies. They provide free shipping labels and recycling boxes for your cartridges. The 10% to 20% of revenues (before taxes) generated from the inkjet cartridges will be donated to charities that supports including Habitat for Humanity International, The Smile Train, United Way, Child Fund International, and Helen Keller. has also a Recycle4FundRaising program. You can raise fund for your school, company, non-profit groups, and your favorite charity. You can collect inkjet cartridges from your company, relatives, school, or community and then sell them to to raise the needed money. Use Google Search to find other sites that accept empty cartridges for charity and fund raising.

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Recycling for the Environment

Either you recycle your ink cartridges for cash or charity, you are doing your part in the preservation of our natural resources and our environment. The landfill should not be the final destination of empty ink cartridges. With the increasing cost and difficulty of creating and managing new landfills, there is a great need to reduce the volume of electronic wastes we dump in our current landfills. The million tons of spent ink cartridges sitting in landfills is not a good scenario. Since they are made from non biodegradable materials (plastics, metals, etc.), it take centuries before they decompose. In their stay in landfills, they release toxic materials in the environment which will aggravate pollution. By recycling ink cartridges to manufacture new cartridges (also known as remanufactured ink cartridges), we conserve a lot of energy and natural resources. About 3 quartz of oil is used up to manufacture a brand new ink cartridge. We know that oil is a non renewable source of energy and our reserve for this commodity is depleting in an unprecedented rate. With cartridge recycling, we can conserve oil for future use.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons