Reusing and Recycling in the Kitchen

Kitchen Items to Recycle

recycle basket

The kitchen is a very busy area in the home.  It’s not unusual that a large amount of trash come from the kitchen.  Before thinking of throwing everything out, there are certain items which can be recycled and given new purposes.  

Recycle yogurt containers

Use yogurt containers as drinking cups for grandchildren during their visit. They're sturdy, dishwasher-safe and the children like the fruit decorations on them. 

Recycle coffee stirrers

Spatula-like coffee stirrers that you get in fast food places are excellent for stirring craft paints that come in small containers, spreading glue evenly from bottles without messy fingers and transferring small portions of face cream into travel-size jars.

Recycle plastic trays

Save the plastic trays from cookies, pastries and the like to be employed when dividing large portions of fresh meat or poultry for the freezer. The meat pieces lie flat and slip into freezer bags much more readily. When it comes time to defrost the meat, slide the tray out of the freezer bag. The tray holds the juices till the meat is defrosted.

Recycle pie plates

If you use a ready-made graham cracker pie crust, save the plastic pie-shaped protector that holds it in place. After filling up the shell, invert the protector and put it over the pie, crimping down the foil to hold it from sliding. The new "lid' fits perfectly and protects the pie when you keep it in the refrigerator or take it to a friend's house.

Recycle herbal tea bags

After you finish your cup of herbal tea, do not throw out the bag. Boil a pot of water, tear open the bag and spread the tea leaves in the pot. Stir and allow to boil for a minute. Shut the flame and enjoy a scented and delightful herbal facial sauna!

Recycle bread crumbs

Bread heels, leftover pieces of toast and buns that don't split properly must be torn or cubed as soon as possible, dropped into a plastic bag and stored in the freezer. With this handy supply of bread crumbs, you'll always have a head start on homemade stuffing for poultry, chops and the like, or croutons for a salad.

Recycle pickle juice

When you finish a jar of pickles, keep the juice and add bell peppers, sliced cucumbers or other raw vegetables. This makes a flavorsome low-calorie snack to reach for between meals. The juice is also a delectable ingredient in homemade salad dressings and some sauces and gravies.

Recycle leftover cookies and candy

Use leftover Christmas cookies instead of graham cracker crumbs to create delicious crusts for cream pies. Old-fashioned hard candy melted in boiling water makes a savory liquid for use in gelatin desserts. Leftover peppermint candy canes can be crushed inside a plastic bag. The swirls of red and white candy appear festive stirred into vanilla pudding or ice cream.

Recycle old mugs

Don't throw away your favorite mugs or cups merely because they're chipped or cracked. They make great planters for small plants to lighten up your kitchen windowsill. Or put them near your phone to hold pens and pencils for message taking.