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Put a paper recycling basket in your house. I know that it seems small and simple, and I know that many people already do it. I also know that there are many people out there who don’t have a paper recycling bin in their house. If you’re anything like me, even if you're a recycler, sometimes convenience and laziness win out. For that reason making sure that recycling is just as easy, if not easier, than throwing things out is important.

Why do it?

Why stick a paper recycling bin in your house? Isn’t the garage good enough? For some maybe it is. For me, and those of you like me, it's not good enough. The garage is... “too far," “too cold,” or “too dark.” There are a million reasons we come up with not to do the things that we really feel that we should do, but don’t want to do because they are just a bit harder.

That’s why you put a paper recycling bin in your house, so you’ll actually do it. Make it easy to do the right thing. If you make recycling easier than throwing a few papers in the garbage then you are way more likely to do it.


Don’t worry, your paper recycling bin doesn’t need have to be ugly, it doesn’t even need to be a bin. Get creative, use a wicker basket, a decorative shoe box, you can use anything you want, even a vase. It doesn’t matter what you use as long as it is easy to put paper in it, and dumpo it out. Be creative don’t limit yourself to what you're supposed to use for paper recycling, but use whatever you can put it in that fits into your home decor and lifestyle.


First of all you don't have to have your paper recycling in your home office, or under the sink in the kitchen. If you’re garbage is under the sink, keep the paper recycling bin out in a room somewhere. Paper isn’t smelly like garbage, so you’ve really got no reason not to keep it handy. The only really important thing is to make it easy to get to, and put it near to where you generate the largest amount of paper waste in your house.

Stay Happy

You want to make sure that your bin doesn’t become just another frustration, so make sure you dump your new paper recycling bin regularly. You don’t want it overflowing and looking like a big pile garbage.

That’s it, it's a pretty simple tip, and not very hard to do.  It just takes just a little effort and before long you’ll be recycling more paper than you ever have. I know I do.

This is my second biggest recycling tip, my first is to assess your garbage to find more you can recycle.

If you have any other tips on paper recycling, or recycling in general please comment below.