Recycle your Wedding Decorations

If you have wondered or are wondering what you can do with your leftover wedding decorations, here are some good suggestions. There are lots of things you can do to recycle wedding decorations.

 Lights are so easy to recycle. No matter what the color they will go with some kind of holiday. In most cases the lights will be white and you can use these for Christmas, Easter, and even Valentines Day. Lights don't have to be used on a tree so you can even string them along the ceiling on your patio. This would be great at a fourth of July cookout or any kind of party.


Wedding Decorations


Bows that were designed for the pews or large bows used at the reception as decorations can be reused. They are great tree toppers and you can make them fancier by adding silk flowers to the bow and maybe some pearl sprays. These can easily be dressed up in a Victorian style as tree toppers. There are many other uses for bows as Christmas accents. I love large bows attached to window treatments at Christmas time. You can even add accents to match the tree topper. You would be surprised at how many ways you could transform wedding bow decorations to fit your holiday decorations. If you use your imagination you could even add trim (gold or silver) to the bow with fabric glue.

If you have a staircase or a fire place, you could use them to decorate artificial pine garland. You can use these bows at the ends of the decorated swag.

Items you can use to accessorize the bows and bring them up to par for your holiday event are: dimensional paint, trim, beads, rhinestones, ornamental figurines, silk flowers, artificial arrangement picks, ribbon roses, lace, etc.

 If you had a garden arch at your reception as a wedding decoration, you will find you can reuse this. If it is lighted, you can use it on an inside porch and put plants around it. You can also hang indoor plants on it.

If you plan on actually using it in the garden, which is also a great idea, remove the lights. Place the garden arch in a nice area of the garden and it will really make it look wonderful. Growing any kind of creeping vine flowers like Morning Glories beside it will make a beautiful garden arch.

 Chances are you have lots of center pieces to go around. There are some easy ways to recycle your center pieces and put them to good use, besides as wedding decorations. You can donate these to a church or a nursing home. Both places will have a need as they have social events. You could also offer to give some as gifts to the guests and your Bridal party as well. Family and friends will be happy to have a memory of your lovely wedding. Don't forget to save one for yourself for your home together as the New Mr. & Mrs.