Content views generates instant income.
Users receive monetary bonuses if their content is featured on the RedGage home page.
Daily $25.00 contest for users posting "Knowledge Based Content."
Featured content earns bonus income.
Ability to add friends and subscribe to user content.
Ability to include affiliate links in bookmarks.


Low earning per content view.
Payment made by prepaid Visa card instead of PayPal.
Site can be sluggish at times.
Search function lacking usefulness.
User tags are limited to singe keywords.

Full Review is a popular online article directory / AdSense revenue-sharing site that allow users to post content from several different categories. In addition to articles, blogs or documents in the RedGage vernacular, users may also post photos and videos as well as links to other sites on the internet.
RedGage operates somewhat differently than other AdSense revenue sharing sites. Instead of being paid when someone clicks on an ad during a visit to their content, RedGage users are paid whenever someone simply views their content. Payouts can be requested once the users account reaches $25.00. Unlike most sites that almost universally use PayPal, RedGage makes payments by sending the user a prepaid Visa card. The card can be reloaded one future payout levels are reached.
In addition, RedGage also touts itself as a social networking / bookmarking site, allowing users to add "friends" and "subscribers." Users have a "wall" where their friend's activity is listed. Adding friends is easy, and should not be overlooked for those wishing to increase views to their posted content.
Another nice feature is the ability to link your RedGage account to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and some blogging platforms. Updates to posts on other sites can automatically be imported as RedGage content. This is a two-way channel in the case of Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter. If the option is turned on, all content posted to your RedGage account will be pushed out to your other social networking sites.
Another way RedGage users can potentially earn money is by having the content featured on the RedGage homepage. A team of editors continually looks for quality content in all categories. If selected, the content is featured on the homepage and the user receives a monetary bonus. The amount of the bonus can vary, but amounts over $3.00 are not uncommon.
Although the idea of being paid when someone simply views your content sounds appealing, make no mistake, this is not a "get-rich-quick" option for those wanting a quick income. Individual views are worth mere fractions of a cent. An example: A category like photos may pay 50 or 60 cents per 1000 page views, with most submissions usually only receiving four or five initial views. Of course, over time, page views will increase, leading to an increase in earning. In addition, there is a daily contest for those who post "Knowledge Based Content," such as blogs and documents. Users submitting these types of content are entered into the daily drawing, with winners receiving a $25.00 RedGage Visa Card.
The site itself is somewhat difficult to navigate. Searching for an users content can be somewhat vexing at times. Users must tag the content when uploading, and the search feature appears to only be able to these tags to find user content. Also, somewhat annoyingly, only single keywords can be used for tagging, thus further reducing the effectiveness of the search feature. The site appears to use a great deal of Javascript and bogs down on occasion. Uploading of content is fairly straight forward, with the upload interface accessible from all pages.
Like most other social bookmarking sites, the potential for abuse does exist. There really seems to be very little in the way of what content (other than pornography) is not allowed. It may only be a short period of time before internet marketers discover the potential for back linking and render the site useless.

In Closing

All in all, a nice concept, although the prognosis for long-term success from this model seems somewhat doubtful. Will visitors simply ignore the ads displayed on-site, thus rendering RedGage revenue negative? Time will tell. For now it is an interesting site, although do not expect to get rich overnight.
RedGage can be an addictive site as you are earning money for every view your content receives. And over time, respectable earnings are possible.