The RedHead 1856 Fleece Jacket and Pants can be purchased through bass Pro Shops and is a great bargain. You can buy this basic fleece jacket and pants are great for mild temperatures but can be perfect to use as a base layer to keep warm when the temperatures are freezing. You can easily pile larger jackets and coats on above the fleece jacket.

The jacket and pants can be bought for $29.95 each. You can even buy a matching fleece beanie and fleece gloves. This is a cheap way to purchase an inexpensive outfit for hunting this fall.

Although this is just s simple fleece jacket and pants with no frills it is still a bargain. The $30 dollars you drop for this fleece jacket will help keep you warm when out hunting and a lightweight fleece jacket is one of the best ways to begin layering your clothes when you are going hunting in cold temperatures.

The RedHead 1856 Fleece Jacket and Pants is only available in brown camouflage. The RedHead 1856 Fleece Jacket and Pants is 100 percent polyester so you can machine wash it in cold.

The RedHead 1856 Fleece Jacket and Pants sizes are only available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2XL.

Fleece is a popular choice with bow hunters and the fleece fabric is quiet. If you are sitting in a deer stand waiting for the buck to get closer you need to be silent. With canvas or other material the motion of you raising your bow may scare off the animal. With fleece, your motions can be silent thus not scaring off the doe or buck you are aiming for. Fleece is extremely popular with bow hunters because this fabric is quiet and won't make a whisking sound when it rubs against its' self.

The RedHead 1856 Fleece Jacket and Pants along with the matching beanie and gloves can be bought at Bass pro Shops. It is a great bargain even if you are not a hunter.