Red Alert

Red Alert is a Westwood Studios video game that was released in 1996. The game followed on the heels of the very popular Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn released in 1995. This game allows you to play in an alternative reality. Now, let me explain the backdrop, before I get to my point. In 1946, Albert Einstein travels back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler and prevent World War 2. His experiment is successful and Adolf Hitler is erased from time. This essentially means, no Nazi Germany, no holocaust, etc. The game explores what could have happened without a Nazi Germany.

The game opens in 1953, the Soviet Union (read my USSR article here) has launched an all out assualt on Europe. Without a powerful German state to be a counter-power to the USSR, the USSR invades. Is this historically accurate? I personally believe that Nazi Germany was a counterweight to the Soviet Union. During the 1930s the International Communist Party was making remarkable gains across the world, including Germany. There were communist converts in the USA, the popular front existed in France, which helped pave the way for France's lax stance and weak military evolution that led them to ruin in World War 2.

The game shows a World War 2 with near fantastical weapons. Many of the Allied units use teleportation powers and cloaking abilities. Westwood even stated that one of the prime interests in the making of the game was the Philadelphia Experiment (read my article on that here) Some of the Soviet unions are also modeled on fantastical weapons such as the Tesla Coil. The tesla coil was a Nicholas Tesla experiment, that never game to fruition.

During the alternative World War 2. The player can fight for the Allied Powers or the USSR. The allied ending is canon. In that end Stalin's USSR is brought down after years of vicious fighting and millions of dead. The estimated death toll for the alternative history presented in Red Alert is around 100 million. The war in Europe was far more deadly, as both sides had atomic weapons, and freely exchanged them. It is also revealed in this game that one of Stalin's advisors was Kane (read about Kane and the Brotherhood of Nod here) Nod is shown as a secret organization hiding in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the USSR, awaiting their time to reveal themselves.

Whatever, the case, if there had been an alternative World War 2 without Hitler, the death count could have been far greater. This is one lesson, don't meddle with time. Somethings are meant to happen and not be meddled in. Perhaps, World War Two was one of these moments.