You can get red bridesmaid dresses for under 100 dollars, if you really do your research.

If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, and are considering a red theme for your bridesmaids, then there are some places you can go and get them for an affordable price.

Dark Red – One way to really save money and also for your bridesmaids to save money (since they quite often have to buy their own dresses) is to let them pick a dress themselves, rather than have everyone in the same style dress.

This can work out quite well, and I have seen this at a few weddings now.  Basically you come up with the colour and theme for the dresses.  Such as a dark red long dress, and let them go shopping themselves. 

This works especially well, if your friends are in different towns and it is very awkward to get together to go shopping and fitting dresses.  If your bridal party are all different sizes, then this may be the better way to get them all looking good for your wedding.  After all, it is great that one of your bridal party are a size 2 and the dress you chose looks great on her, but your size 14 friend may not look as good in that style and would suit a different style.Red Bridesmaid Dresses Under 100

So, let them pick their own red resses and as long as they go by your theme, then they will look great.  They can then shop for something they would wear again, and most likely a good price too.  Many red cocktail dresses could also double as a bridesmaid dress.  You could get them to take a picture of it before they buy it and send it to you too.

Online.  This is one of the best ways to find some deals.  You don’t have to go store to store, and if you keep the style simple, then you can find all kinds of great deals, especially in simple strapless red dresses. 

One site that you may not have thought to check is Amazon.  They have totally affordable bridal dresses for 100 dollars or less that can also be worn for prom or other special occasions.

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Think Outside the Box – come away from the traditional wedding dress stores.  Shop in some dress shops, look at the off the rack dresses, and if you stick to simple lines, you can find dark red bridesmaid dresses for 99 dollars  or less that you can dress up with the bouquets and jewellery.  If you allow enough time, you can make sure the store can order you more dresses in the different sizes you need. 

Second Hand – Check second hand upscale dress shops for nice red strapless dresses that could be used as bridesmaid dresses, and accessories such as a clutch purse.  Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, many people try to sell off their dress after a wedding at upscale second hand stores, and you can get a good deal.

So, if you and your bridal party are on a really tight budget, then go with a slightly different theme colour for the party, such as red, keep them simple, dress them up with the flowers and jewellery, and save some money.

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