Red Dogs Adventures as a Movie

 Have you ever heard of the Red Dog that wandered the Pilbara? He would have to have been one of the most loved dogs to ever travel through the Wests Outback.  If not then try to find one of the books or the two audio disks that tell so much of his escapades around the Pilbara areas. Although I believe that these are not easy to find now. I was lucky enough to get both and would not part with them for world.

If you get the chance I would definitely listen to the audio disks on his adventures, you won't stop laughing at how he gets what he wants from anyone. There are some locals that will still tell stories of his adventures like how he would hitch a ride in the bus and claim the front seat and would not give it up for anyone. He was even known to stop the train to hitch a ride.


Red Dog would have to be the only fully paid up dog member in the workers union. He also spent time locked up by the Roebourne Dog catcher. As the story goes he was released one dark night along with the rest of the dogs by unknown culprits.

This dog even went to church although it is said that he used to piddle on the pews on his way through. And after eating some foods could clear the room real quick when he passed wind.

He was known to have travelled as far away as Perth during his many travels around the countryside. No one could refuse to stop and give him a lift when he stood on the roadside in front of their vehicle. Red dog never went hungry as he was very cunning and would sneak a steak or sausage of any barbecue. 

He died in Karratha on the 21st November in 1979 after it is believed he had eaten a lump of meat poisoned with strychnine. Red Dog was later buried by a track between Cossack and Roebourne. The locals took up a collection and built a monument in Dampier as a memorial to the wonderful memories they shared of him.

A Dogs Life – the movie about Red Dogs Travels

Premiers of this movie have been viewed and will soon be showing in Perth early in August. The main stars in the movie- A dog's life are Rachael Taylor and John Lucas.

Along with other movies made in the Australian dusty outback by filmmakers are:

Mad Bastards (2011)

Bran Nue Dae (2010)

Australia (2008)

Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)

The Nickel Queen (1971)

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