The FBI likes to hire accountants because so much crime is motivated and financed through greed. Just one red flag on a balance sheet can reveal an entire network of illegal activity anywhere from manipulating financial records to simple tax evasion. According to the LA Times, "the FBI is warning consumers to take caution with telemarketers." They urge you to be particularly cautious when you encounter the following pitches over the phone as they are likely illegitimate ploys trying to take your money by playing into high hopes:

  • "Act now or the offer won't be good."
  • "You've won a free gift [vacation or prize]. But you have to pay postage and handling or other charges."
  • "You must send money or give a credit card or bank account number."
  • "You can't afford to miss this high-profit, no-risk offer."

Telemarketing as a necessary business strategy has declined some of late, with more companies preferring the online marketing approach. Online marketing many times may offer a business a more efficient and cheaper form of spreading the word of their business. This can be done because it often requires fewer employees to keep it running and allows for people to see it on their own time rather than having to be on the phone to hear what you are trying to market.

This is not to say that telemarketing is altogether obsolete. Indeed, depending on the nature of your business, a telemarketing campaign may be extremely vital to your success. While your company can surely get a lot done with a website, telemarketing still offers more direct engagement with your potential and existing customers. In this way, telemarketing gives your company a voice that may otherwise remain silent online. This has been found to have importance because many people will feel more comfortable talking to a live person rather than having to interact with a computer.

With the globalization of the world's economy, so many important deals are done between businesses these days. This has open up a whole new way of business transactions as companies are continuing to expand across industrial borders that once helped define exactly what a company might create. With this happening b2b telemarketing has become a major part of today's work place as it helps companies interact and stay connected with one another. Utilizing a b2b telemarketing campaign is important in today's economy and can really help boost the profitability of your business.