Internet Dating

A popular rule of the Internet reads as “there are no girls on the Internet”, amid dozens of variants (the variant “on the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog with a computer” comes to mind) of the same concept. While obviously a case of reductio ad absurdum (taking a logical argument to illogical, absurd extremes) is in play, the rule exists in the real world, and is technically true. On the Internet, anonymity and being anyone serves as strong draw points, and it is possible to have a dog on a computer to access the net (though not in any meaningful way). Despite sparking the Age of Information to life, misinformation abounds on the Internet.

Misinformation is not one that would be desired to accidentally find oneself on the wrong side of, and nowhere else can this risk be greater other than the Internet. Say for example you were trying to find a soul mate on the Internet, and you find one. You then meet with him or her or it (believe it or not, romance between a person and of all things, a game console, has happened, and even weirder cases have as well) only to find out that they aren’t what you expected, and now you’re wondering how to prevent this from happening ever again. It might not be possible to prove one from this kind of incident completely, but at least advice can help lessen the chances. Try to look out for the following red flags in internet dating:

Excessively Too Many Pictures

Self – portraits (a.k.a Selfies) are nice to take and all every now and then, but when “every now and then” starts to read as “every five minutes”, take it as a warning sign, especially if they are covered in mostly nothing. Vanity is closely related to the seven sins for a reason. It’s good to be confident in oneself, but excessive reassurance and narcissism is not a good thing to have. The match might still work, though it’ll be hard to connect with someone who only has eyes for him / herself.

Excessively Few Pictures

Keep in mind that extremes are rarely, if ever, good to go to. While the previous red flag mentioned is a bad thing, so is its opposite. If you find someone with only one or a handful of pictures (bonus warning points if the pictures are all around the same place or time) then chances are they have something to hide. Probably something physical, and the question of why they’re hiding things like that in the first place raises issues about their confidence, and so on.

Stock Quote Overdose

If a profile is so filled with references and quotes that have been used to hell and back, it is not a good sign. The wisdom of the old may be reliable as ever, and it is true that a lot of things that have been thought up have been thought up before by wiser men, but that in no way says that a person should just rehash and retell overused words to describe themselves.

Excuses, Excuses

Sometimes, people have things that prevent them from going to meet – ups and other such things. Sometimes, these people will offer an explanation or an excuse for why they can’t go. And sometimes, they do this every time any physical contact is expected. This is not a good thing. Someone who hides behind excuses (at times overused ones) and avoids any and all direct contact is more often than not someone who is of course very real.

In case that last sentence confused you, it was sarcastic. Avoid someone who avoids all possible ways for you to ever see him / her / in person.

Little Contact After The Meeting

If you regularly text and call each other prior to meeting up and it is noticeable after you meet that this just doesn't happen much any more than your instincts are probably right. No they aren't busy with work, no they didn't break their phone, no they didn't have a car accident. This is simple, they aren't interested but don't have the guts to tell you. They will simply minimize the contact until there is none. Let go and move on as soon as possible.

Profiles That Say They Are Unemployed

Sometimes people that are unemployed cannot help it, but most often than not they can. This is not saying that people that are unemployed don't have the right to fall in love as well. But the questions to you are this. Do you want to date someone that isn't stable in his or her life at that certain point of time? Why are they truly unemployed, is it the fact they don't have a good personality or even motivation to land a job? Does this person have the motivation or potential in life as you do? Will this person hold you back or is looking to smooch off you? Just be aware of this!

Please tell me your red flags of internet dating for other readers to learn from in the comments below. 

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