You might be interested in red kitchen design because your room feels ho hum. Red is the color of vibrant peppers, tomatoes and spices. It can give your room wow factor, and a little bit of red paint will really make your room pop without spending a lot of money. Red paint usually takes more coats of paint to get an even finish than other colors. This means that you'll really want to think out your design before you make the commitment. The color red can give you energy and increase your appetite. You don't want to venture into the extreme where a red room causes anxiety or makes your room feel smaller.

Red and black kitchens are sexy and dramatic. Think about when you get dressed to go out, you probably pair a black dress with red lipstick, or red heels to give it a little ommph. The same principle applies to your kitchen. If you have a traditional kitchen, spice it up by bringing in red kitchen appliances by investing in a new mixer, toaster or microwave. Make the black and white theme graphic by going with a white and black damask wallpaper on the walls. You can really get into the theme by painting the inserts of cabinet doors a sleek red. The damask wallpaper can even give a more opulent look to red cabinets. You'll need to balance the traditional and modern worlds by adding in stainless appliances, door handles, and a crystal chandelier for an eclectic look that still works together.

You can make your own red kitchen accessories with a hot glue gun. Just apply a red ribbon to the top and bottom of ordinary plain white chandelier shades to give them new life. You can also paint your own artwork by creating a series of squares in various shades of red for a Mondrian effect.

Red kitchen cabinets can be modern or country. If you go with red cabinets then keep your walls neutral. For a modern kitchen you might even be able to find countertops that look like frosted glass. The glowing effect of the counters will help balance out the red. Normally, you might paint the kitchen island with a bold color and then leave the rest of the cabinets in their natural wood tones. Show off your truly daring side by going with the reverse, you are brave enough to try a red kitchen after all. Paint your traditional cabinets a red tone and leave the island a natural wood so it looks like an old world piece of furniture. Yellow and red bring in feelings of Tuscany. Pair red cabinets with mustard yellow walls; just make sure that the yellow paint has a lot of brown in it so your room doesn't look like a McDonalds.

You can use red in your kitchen in subtle ways. Leave any exposed brick in the room. This provides a vintage charm but also brings in a red color that isn't so in your face. Pair it with rich wood cabinets and a cooper range hood. You can leave the rest of the colors in the room neutral so that the color of the brick pops out without having your neighbors wondering what you were thinking with your color palette choice.

Red can be feminine even though it's a strong color. You can give it a retro vibe to soften it. Try bright white walls paired with a red and white vinyl floor. You can then skirt the sink with a vintage red and white tablecloth and add a matching cloth to the table. Display red and white floral china to soften the look.

When using red in a kitchen compliment wood tones. Look for more of a brick red color that has more brown in it. This will match your existing wood cabinetry. If you aren't up to repainting your cabinets and you can't afford to replace them then just paint the walls behind the cabinets. This will give your room a fresh look and it can change the way you think about your space.

Red is common in country design so use it to give a homey touch to your room. You can subdue red cabinets by applying a black or brown glaze around the edges so they are distressed. Put butcher block countertops and natural wood floors in the room to bring in that rustic feeling. Tie it all together with toile curtains and the obligatory rooster cookie jar. If the red walls seem like they are too much, then just accessorize. Country themes often include rusted saws and garden tools hung on the wall alongside water color paintings, coca cola accessories, old signs, wooden flags, and various candles and collectibles. This is a chance to really display your favorite items in the house while toning down red walls. For a sophisticated country kitchen paint your cabinets in a burgundy red and create your own pot rack from molding and wood pieces that will be a focal point of the island. You can add glass to the fronts of cabinet drawers for a look that is both classic and something that others might not have seen before. It will tone down the red and may even remind you of an old country store feed counter.

Red kitchens can be elegant and they don't have to jar the senses. You can try a burgundy kitchen for a warm effect that you can still live with. You can stain oak cabinets a mahogany or red color to give them new life and make cheap wood look more luxurious. There are plenty of granite colors to choose from that has specks of red in them that will tie in with cherry colored cabinets. Dress the windows with red striped roman shades that tie in the cabinet color with the other dominant color in the room such as the color of the wood floor. This provides a cohesive look so your red room flows together.

Red is a strong color but it can also be versatile depending on how you use it. Red kitchen design allows you to really make a statement in your room. If all the kitchens you come across seem like they are in the same neutral colors, then venture into the red color palette. You won't be bored.