The primary focus of my music reviews on InfoBarrel is bring to light the music of many underground artists. While I typically stick to reviewing albums, EPs, and track singles; the band Red Light Abstract caught my intention immediately after listening to some of their preliminary recordings on their Souncloud page. As such, this review will attempt to be somewhat critical of their music; though holding back only slightly in my critique of their sound quality and musicianship as a whole as they have not yet released an official album or track.

Red Light Abstract consists of members from Mexico City, Austin, Texas, and San Diego, California. The band members are diverse, and the actual music created is relatively diverse as well; as it is heavily influenced by post-rock musicians like Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky (to name two obvious ones). As a result, their music is atmospheric; yet still very easy to get into as well.With that said, let me begin my review of Red Light Abstract's SoundCloud set titled 607 Studios Practice Session.


1. Take You
2. Say Nothing
3. Murderous Face
4. So Cold (instrumental)
5. Cut 2 (studio mixdown)

Upon listening to these tracks multiple times, I have found the music to be very interesting and eclectic in it's musical reach. While post-rock may be the basis for these tracks, they often dabble into other genres as well, such as indie rock, grunge, alternative/industrial rock (in a vein similar to Nine Inch Nails), and some other genres as well. The result of this blend of styles makes for music that is very easy to get into for your average music listener, yet it is still interesting enough to keep music "buffs" (somewhat like myself) interested as well.


The first two tracks "Take You" and "Say Nothing" definitely cater more to the grunge/alternative rock fans, as they are very poppy in their song structure and vocally they seem to work in those genres very easily as well. Some riffs feel familiar to the post-rock genre as well, reminding me heavily of Mogwai in some parts. These tracks are moderate to fast paced, and all around very enjoyable. The track "Murderous Face" is my favorite from this SoundCloud album, as it slows down the pace and shows that this band can properly explore slower tempos. The vocal melody in this track is particularly interesting, and the dependence on the bass to drive the song is also very well done. "So Cold" shows that Red Light Abstract is very well off with regards to shoegaze and post-rock music. It is instrumental and very well done in exploring a wide range of musical effects and atmospheres.

The only major complaint I have in the sound department on these tracks is the actual sound of the recordings. They were recorded during a practice session, and are rather sloppy in some parts; however these tracks are still enjoyable to listen to for free on SoundCloud and show that Red Light Abstract has a lot of promise as up and coming musicians. With some proper recording, mixing, and mastering this band could easily sit in my music collection. And, for what it is worth, for being quickly recorded tracks these are not too bad at all.


The lyrics and vocals in these songs are hard to keep up with, in part do to the recording quality. From what I can gather, the lyrics suit the music very well. The vocals are very enjoyable, though imperfect. For this style of music, it works very well though. The vocals are a nice mixture of grunge and post-rock vocals (imperfect and often airy/reverberated). I can't particularly complain myself, though I am certain these vocals will not appeal to everyone listening to music. For those who enjoy this style of music, however, they will likely work very well with your interests!


For being just some preliminary studio recordings, Red Light Abstract has really created some music that can build quite a following. The music is stylistically very diverse, and deeply entertainining even in these one mic demo tracks. The band is currently seeking out people to assist them with recording music, so if you are interested contact them via their SoundCloud page for sure!

Red Light Abstract SoundCloud