Red lobsterCredit: javrsmith

Very satisfying menu selection. Entree was hot. Salad was very well prepared. Dessert was fabulous. Good values on the menu. They have a pretty extensive menu, with many seafood choices. It always seems like good value. The atmosphere is always upbeat and lively. It can be a little noisy at times, though.


Atmosphere was quite noisy at times. This is a trend in some restaurants. Certainly a lot of them are much louder than the Red Lobster. If you want an intimate dinner out, you may need to be seated in a back corner, or even go somewhere else.

Full Review

I had a great experience at the Silverdale, Washington Red Lobster restaurant. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was very lively. Like most Red Lobster's, they tend to cater to younger clients. All of the staff were very young themselves. This makes for a noticeable fast-pace.

I was greated by the front staff and shown to a table quickly. The server introduced herself quickly as well. I asked for wine and didn't have to wait long for it to arrive. During this time, I noticed that the staff seemed very attentive to the rest of the guests. There was constant chatter and sounds of activity from the whole restaurant. Many families were in attendance in the early evening.

The Admiral's Feast was ordered and it was quickly delivered. The quality of this dish was excellent. There was an ample serving on the plate and it was hot. A scan of the rest of the menu showed that there is quite a large array of selections, both seafood and not. There are many dishes, such as the Admiral's Feast, that are deep fried. Patrons should order one of the grilled options if they are watching calories.

For dessert, I had the Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie which was perhaps the best such dessert I have ever had. Somehow, they were able to deliver a very warm cookie without it overly melting the ice cream. Very nice presentation as well.

Red Lobster has committed to the sustainability of natural resources. They collaborate with various agencies that innovative with respect to ecosystem conservation and enhancement. The founder operates a foundation that promotes these ideals for this restaurant and the others, such as Olive Garden, that are owned by the same company. There is a lot of further information regarding sustainability on their website.


In Closing

This was not my first trip to Red Lobster, nor will it be my last. The meal sampled in this article seems to be representative of the others that I have enjoyed there. I have not been disappointed during any visit.

The Red Lobster outlets are usually located in busier areas of cities. Like most franchise operations, they need to have a fair population nearby. It's a challenging business to be in so they rely on traffic. No one is going to eat here all the time so they need to have a large enough group of people to draw on. They do a pretty good job. There are some regular customers who seem to be well known to, and appreciated by, the staff.