Red Nintendo Wii Consoles

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Well you can buy the red wiis on sale at Amazon and that is for the best price ever online. There is no catches either as this is definitely the whole package including the Super Mario Bros wii, Wii sports, Red Wii Console, Red Wiimote and red Nunchuks. These items are great enough as it is but the red colour helps them look extra cool and exclusive!

The Red Nintendo Wii Console on sale are only available for a short time as they are in limited supply due to them being limited edition products. They were first produced to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros however they have been so popular and in demand that Nintendo have been forced to produce more and more. However, they could pull the plug any day so its important to grab yours now!

The best thing about buying a Red Nintendo Wii Console on sale is the fact that you are owning a piece of history due to them being special anniversary memorabilia. Who knows how much you might be able to sell these for on eBay in twenty five years time?? Don't forget that when you buy the red console you are getting pretty much everything the same as the normal white and black consoles so you may as well get the red one as it looks so much better!

The Red Nintendo Wii Console Bundles include two games, Wii sports and the Super Mario Bros wii. The Mario game is excellent and a great throwback to the original NES days when it was in 2d and all you had to do was get to the castle at the end of the level. Life was much more simple in those days and its not just the old skool generation that enjoys this game either as its really popular with the teenagers and kids.

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