Choosing a ruby engagement ring is a daring choice. You want to make sure that you can still wear it everyday and you won't live to regret the bold decision a few years down the road. This guide will show you how to pick out an engagement ring that you can be proud to wear both now and into the future.

Plan to spend as much money as a diamond ring if not more on a ruby. Sometimes going with an alternate gem can save you money but rubies are one of the most expensive stones out there. As such, you really have to be committed to your decision. If you find a large, clear bright stone for a few hundred dollars it is probably lab created. This might not be what you want for your wedding set.

Ruby Engagement Ring

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Use it as a birthstone. Ruby is the birthstone for July. If you or your fiancé is born in this month it can have special meaning. You might just want a gemstone ring because you are sick of the basic diamond solitaire. It's definitely a unique expression of your love.

Incorporate some traditional elements into your ring so it looks like an actual wedding set. You might want to find a diamond band and engagement ring setting where you can add your own stone. This adds more authority to the piece. You can be unique and conventional all at the same time so you get the best of both worlds.

Ruby Engagement Rings

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Look at vintage jewelry. Different gems were more common in vintage engagement and wedding sets then they are now. You can get a high quality ring while preserving history. Really show off the vintage styling with intricate gold work or a filigree band. The color and setting is as important in these rings as the diamond is.

You might not be brave enough to have an entire ruby engagement ring. Instead, bring in some color by using it as an accent. You might want to encase a round stone with a circle of rubies to give your ring more presence. For a more traditional setting try a three stone ring. The main stone can be a diamond and the other two stones can be rubies. The rubies can even be smaller than the diamond if you are on a budget or just don't want to overpower the center stone.

If you want a lot of versatility then just stick with a classic diamond engagement ring. Then add in color in your wedding band. Incorporate both diamonds and rubies into this piece of jewelry for a more subtle look. Plus, when you really want to look traditional you can just wear the engagement ring.

Ruby bands can work with all different design aesthetics. For a modern set find a band with bezel set stones so they almost look like bubbles. For an antique flair try a piece that looks like flowers or vines. A traditional ring will just alternate red and white round stones in the same size.

When you go with a unique gemstone you may have difficult finding a wide selection. Some jewelry stores won't even have a ruby engagement ring. Instead, you can shop in the July birthstone section to see if there is anything that is special enough to be an engagement ring. You might have to compromise on the color of metal that you are looking for. Rubies are often set in yellow gold instead of white gold. For a vintage inspired ruby piece set in rose gold you'll really have to go on the hunt but it will ultimately be worth it in the end.

You might want to get a men's ruby wedding ring to complete the set. For a modern look find a stone set in tungsten where the stone seems to be floating between both sides of the ring. This is called a tension setting and it's a very contemporary look. This will keep the ring from seeming too feminine. After all, you usually just see stones on the woman's ring but that doesn't mean you can't find a masculine piece.

Rubies make a big impact. This can help you spice up a plain ring or save money. You might not be able to afford a large diamond solitaire. Instead, break with tradition and go with a Victorian style ring. These are showpieces that feature small stones. The overall design turns out to be a lot bigger than just a plain traditional engagement ring. You can find reproduction pieces that have a variety of cuts of stones and they'll include both rubies and diamonds so you get the best of both worlds. For a vintage inspired ring go with different shapes of stones. Square, emerald oval and pear will be different. Just surround your favorite ruby in diamonds to give it the importance that a wedding set needs. You might want to choose a band that has several rows of rubies with a row of diamonds on either side. Just make sure that it doesn't eclipse your engagement ring. This way you can wear your band on days when you don't feel like wearing a large solitaire.

You may need to get comfortable with a new thought process for this choice. You want to pick a ring that you will be excited to wear everyday. It needs to express who you are as well as be a symbol of your love. You might not fit into the traditional engagement ring mold so stop forcing yourself. The main thing is that both you and your fiancé are happy with your purchase.

Claddagh rings can show off your heritage and love. You'll often find a stone in the middle of these designs so it's the perfect place to incorporate a ruby. If you are worried about what people will think about your daring choice then stick with traditional settings. Pick the exact same setting that you'd pick with a traditional diamond ring but just use a ruby as the middle stone. You can get a traditional ring with diamond baguettes on either side but the wow factor is in the round center ruby.

A ruby engagement ring will definitely get noticed. You can still show off your personality when shopping for diamonds. Realize that you are making a commitment both to your future spouse and to the ring. You might want to try wearing a faux ruby ring for a few weeks before you purchase anything to make sure that it isn't just a passing fancy.

If you are worried about matching the ruby to your everyday wardrobe then find a ring that is versatile. You can find rubies that almost look hot pink if you want a softer look. You can wear red gemstones with almost any other color as long as you accessorize the rest of your outfit carefully. You might want to invest in some multistone jewelry that will incorporate both the red of your engagement ring and a variety of other colors.