Do you love red satin ballet pointe shoes? Many dancers and collectors love the different shades of ballet shoes that are available today. Many well-known dance supply manufacturers offer dance shoes in more colors than ever before. When it comes to ballet performances, color and costume is just another part of the overall stage presentation of the ballet story. Red satin ballet shoes are dramatic.

Red Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes Are For Drama On Stage

When it comes drama and flair, red is the color to choose on stage. Ballerina's who wear red poiRed Satin Ballet Pointe ShoesCredit: Dansgirl of Chinante shoes on stage are typically dancing fiery, passionate ballet stories. Red satin shoes are worn during Latin-inspired performances and to match a particular character costume.

Colored Pointe Shoes Are Popular

Colored pointe shoes are incredibly popular with dancers these days. There is a huge range of satin colors that ballet dancers can order through suppliers. Pointe shoes can also be dyed to match any classical ballet costume. Besides the traditional pink pointe shoe, black, red and purple are colors that are popular right now.

Red Satin Ballet Pointe Shoes Cheap 

The red satin ballet pointe shoes in the photo above are made by a dancewear supplier in China called Dansgirl. This model is called the Moonlight. The red satin Moonlight can be ordered online  at for less than 33 dollars a pair plus shipping.

In the U.S., another dance supply company based in Pennsylvania,, has red satin ballet pointe shoes for around 45 dollars a pair. Red satin is passionate and beautiful no matter what the item is. Seeing a ballerina on stage dancing in red satin pointe shoes is inspiring and unforgettable. Just like the movie Red Shoes with ballet dancer Moira Shearer. Once you see it, you never forget it. Red is a powerful color for dance shoes.

Colored pointe shoes can also be used as a hanging decoration on a wall or made into special gifts for collectors. Bright red satin can't go unnoticed, that's for certain.

If you just want a pair of inexpensive pink satin ones to hang up as decoration, find out where to get cheap pointe shoes for less than most dance retailers sell them for.

In times of desperation, many ballet students have tried hand-dying their own shoes to match a particular ballet costume or for an upcoming recital. Dying your own pointe shoes red is about as cheap as you can get, although the end result may vary with satin dying expertise.