The little red specks you see moving along aren't your eyes playing tricks, they are little, tiny spider-mites. If not for their color, you may not even notice these tiny pests except for the damage they do to your garden plants and houseplants. Spider-mites destroy plants, leaving behind yellowed or yellow spotted leaves. They also leave behind the tell tale sign of tiny webs that look like miniature cobwebs on your garden-plant leaves. Red-spider-mites prefer dry conditions so if you live in an area with dry weather or your home is on the dry side and your garden-plants don't seem very healthy, red spider-mites maybe the culprit. Examine your garden-plants with a magnifying glass if you don't see the tiny red specks moving around just by observing. You can do your own pest control to get rid of red spider-mites, you don't need a pest control expert. Always begin with the safest pest control method for your plants.

Salt will kill red spider-mites, but may also kill your plants in the process. If your plants will tolerate salt, mix 3 tablespoons of regular table salt into approximately 1 gallon of water, fill a spray bottle and spray affected plants.

Homemade Organic Red spider-mite Spray


Pour buttermilk into a spray bottle and spray your plants very thoroughly. While the leaves are still wet from the buttermilk, generously dust them with white flour. Make sure you get the undersides of the leaves too. Allow the flour to dry on the plants and let them sit for 24 to 36 hours. Rinse the plants off with a light spray from a garden hose or if you treated your houseplants, place the houseplants in your shower for a few minutes. This method is messy, but very effective and is safe for your vegetable garden.

Attract Lady Bugs


For an outdoor vegetable garden, herb garden or flour garden infestation, attract ladybugs to your garden to eat the red spites. Lady bugs will feed off of the spider-mites and won't harm your garden. Lady bugs can be purchased at garden supply stores, nurseries and online.

Another Homemade Red spider-mite Spray


Mix approximately 3/4 of a cup of isopropyl alcohol into 32 ounces of water in a large spray bottle. Spray plants to kill red spider-mites. Before spraying your entire plant, test 1 leaf of the plant to make sure the plant can tolerate the alcohol. Do not use on vegetables, herbs or fruit, use only on flowers that will tolerate the alcohol.