In today's society, red wedding dresses can seem crazy and spontaneous, but they have a much deeper meaning. I will get to the meaning later, but you should know red wedding dresses are growing in style everyday. People are starting to seek them out, and they have become very modern. People love them, and it is a growing trend that young women love because red makes the skin look beautiful. What type of red wedding dress you wear has a big impact on what people's views of them are.

Meaning of the Color

The tradition of red wedding dresses started a long time ago. People first starting wear them in places like China, which is the color of joy and luck. This wave hit India too, where they also believed the color stood for luck and good grace. Don't think this craze was just in Asia because when the USA was in the Revolutionary War, brides would wear red wedding dresses to resemble their independence from their home country, Great Britain.

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Long Red Wedding Dresses

These types of dresses are more commonly worn nowadays and are seen as respectable and not to crazy. These long red wedding dresses are very pretty and are often seen come out from the body at about the waist or hips and crimpled all the way down. This makes the long red wedding dresses look very nice, and shows off the many colors. But while long red wedding dresses and more commonly accepted by society, another style is sweeping the nations that many don't like.

Short Red Wedding Dresses

This is a growing style that has swept the scene in younger crowd. Though this may not seem appealable to the older generation, short red wedding dresses are fine dresses and look great on some people. What I would advise is to find a long red wedding dress and make it removable, so that after the wedding you can have fun at your dance! Some of the most unique, beautiful dresses have been shorter dresses in the odd, unique colors.

Don't be afraid to go out and try a something different from the main stream. Red wedding dresses are growing in popularity and worn by many people now. It resembles independence, courage, joy, luck, and so much more. Also, no matter what style of red wedding dresses you wear, you will look beautiful because it is your wedding day and you should wear what makes you feel beautiful.