It may come as no surprise to you, but red wine is the best wine for weight loss and has made many successful research findings, while providing good news in terms of cholesterol and heart health.

But many research studies are now coming around to giving white and red wine a thumbs up when it comes to fat loss too. But you may be happy to know that red wine is in fact the better choice. An important red wine study examined nearly 20,000 fit and trim middle aged and older women and figured out that when they drank wine in moderation, they ended up putting on less weight than their heavier counterparts who didn't drink wine at all. It's important to remember though that this study also suggests that wine should be consumed in moderation, this would include both white and red wine for fat loss.

Moderation is considered as one to two glasses a day. But if you're trying to reduce your weight, one glass of wine should suffice, in that the average glass of red wine (5 oz.) contains around 130 calories.

Wine - Weight Loss: Why is Red Wine Better?

Well generally, red wine has less calories and in many cases lower in carbohydrates as well. To be more specific the drier the wine the less calories. As a general rule stick to dry reds from cooler climates. So really the reasoning boils down to sheer math. Less calories. Less to burn off in the long run. But there are better reds than others. It's important to note that not all reds are made equally when it comes to wine and fat loss.

Red Wine - The Best Wine for Weight Loss



The Best Red Wines for Weight loss 

Cabernet Sauvignon= 1 glass, 95 calories

Late Harvest Zinfanel= 1 glass, 110 calories

Merlot Red = 1 glass, 100 calories

Red Wines to Stay Away From with Higher Calories

 Generally your dessert wines and ports, you should steer clear from when trying to lose weight. These wines typical are high in alcohol and high in sugar as well. Some of these dessert or port wines can be as high as 200 calories for a 5 oz glass. And when drinking wine for fat loss every calorie counts and not just for obvious reasons. When consuming any wine, red or white, the body becomes less efficient in burning fat and instead of burning carbs or fat, your body burns the wine FIRST. So on those days you've worked out less, your body never gets a chance to burn the carbs or fat, those stay in your body while your body works harder to get red of the alcohol.

 But don't dispair. 100 calories in an overall caloric restricted plan won't hurt you very much when drinking wine for fat loss. What causes problems are when you drink glass after glass and wonder why you can't lose the weight. One glass a day of red or white wine to reduce your weight is ideal. This is why moderation can't be stressed enough.