When people go to the mall, they often buy different styles of shoes. Wearing beautiful shoes completes your outfit, and you do not need to add other accessories. To maintain the quality and increase the durability of your shoes, it is important to know which are the right materials and the proper ways for cleaning them. A liquid type of shoe polish cannot be applied to all the shoe types. There are appropriate shoe polishes for white, red, pink and other shoe colors. Of course that if you use red shoe polish on your white shoes, they will become the color of the shoe polish. Shoe polishes come in three styles: cream, wax and liquid. They have almost the same ingredients and they are affordable, so if you want to keep your shoes glossy and clean, make a habit from cleaning them regularly.


If you want to extend the life of your shoes, use cream polishes, as they contain oil that provides a glossy effect; you can use them for faded shoes and the cream will refresh the color of your shoes. People prefer to use this rather than liquid type, even if this is more practical. The disadvantage of the liquid shoe polish is that it dries out faster and it might also crack your shoes’ surface. Most of the nurses and doctors use white shoe polish for their shoes, so that they maintain their shine and color. If you have red shoes, look for a red shoe polish that can help them prevent their color from fading. We all know that shoe polish removes dirt, scratches etc; however, if we do not use it properly, we might need to spend extra to have our shoes fixed.


Keep in mind to use a matching color shoe polish for your shoes and buy acid-free shoe polishes. A shoe polish is an essential tool and you could keep in it in your bag if you think you might need it. Use a damp cloth to apply your chosen shoe polish and make sure that your shoes are dry before applying it. Some people use conditioner to make their shoes shinier, but it is optional.