What the site is about
It seems to be a fairly recent site with a decent amount of respect and command from the rest of the web. It looks to be rising steadily through the ranks with its unique model. According to the makers Red Gage is a one of a kind, first of its kind web site that is aimed at trying to make a profit model out from one of the most unprofitable but most popular workings of the web, that is the social activity that people find on places like facebook and youtube as well as twitter and to a lesser extent blogging. It tries to pay you on any content that you submit, and has an automatic function that can pull your activity from other places provided you give it your user name and passwords, so you might consider doing it manually if you are reluctant to give your password. But this also means they do not mind you posting a video up on both youtube and redgage at the same time! It covers blogs posts and photos and pictures, as well as videos, documents and more importantly even links.

How it Works
Redgage has the goal of trying to make money for you when you do what you usually already do online like sharing the latest videos or photos. Unlike facebook which profits from your activities without giving anything back, Redgage intends to 'pay you based on the number of views you get on your content' as well as occasionally giving bonus pay outs to featured content. Its main source of revenue is from adverts that people pay to put on the site and they share some of it with you.

Payment schedules
According to them, their payout threshold is 25 dollars which is then deducted by a once off 5 dollars for administration fees from Visa, upon which they will then mail you a Redgage Visa Card which can be used just like any other debit card. This will take place two weeks after the end of the month that you managed to accumulate over the course of a few months at least 25 dollars worth. From then on you can keep on withdrawing earnings in increments of 25 dollars subject to a service charge of 5%. Its main draw compared to the other form of 100 dollar paycheck is that you get your money a lot faster, and more conveniently too since it gets into your visa debit card fund.

Having just started I have yet to reach this sum but from reading the comments made by others it does seem to work quite well, especially since you can access the redgage funds from anywhere in the world. I am presuming this means that if you were say in America and received the card there but went traveling to perhaps Asia you would still get the debit card topup and the same goes if you were living in Asia you would still get a visa credit card in your mail!

Another cool thing that they have is a raffle feature in that one person every day stands a chance to strike a 25 dollars amount for the redgage visa debit card. It is a bit complicated but for some qualified events that you undertake you get some raffle tickets which in essence buys a chance for the daily raffle allowing you to win 25 dollars. Another good thing they have is a featured post which immediately adds a few dollars to your account.

My experience so far with Redgage
I've just tried it for a while mainly from recommendations by other people and currently it does seem to deliver and what it says it will do. I have posted photo which is what I usually do, but as you know generally photography and images don't really fetch any money on the traditional forms of web income unless you are established or are into it as your livelihood. On redgage however you can just upload fun photos and watch it earn a few cents even if the photo is only funny to a few people. If its a really wonderful photo then it might get featured and earn a few dollars.

A good reason to sign up for Redgage however is in that it can upload pages called links. It is basically a short sentence to a short paragraph followed by the link to the site that you wish to link to. That can be immensely helpful instead of looking for forums and blogs and trying to post there with a link in the bottom part of your posts or comments. Surprisingly it does rank and can be found on say yahoo when you type it into the box. Even if it only makes a few cents it is still quite a useful tool.

What I did was to create a link to the infobarrel page I made on sample expense reports and gave it a redgage link on how to make sample expense reports and then did it for some other sites of mine like sample inventory reports. A day later I saw that it could now be findable when someone types that in the empty search box but that it was somewhere well at the back. I am sure that on things with less competition it will do much better.

Possible avenues of exploration
In conclusion the site looks to perhaps be finally a workable way to earn some side income from social networks doing stuff that one would usually do anyway. Some of things I would think be good for the site would be if there were forums for increased activity on the site or some kind of points system but I guess the site does seem quite new and is in its tests phases. On the whole if you have some free time you could do far worse than trying out this site. At the very least it will give some links to your blog or personal site, as well as any other properties you have out there online.