They might not be one of the old school companies like Chippewa or Lacrosse, but RedHead snake boots have been some of the best snake proof boots available on the market in recent years. The demand for protection from venomous snakes has never been higher, and hunters who are in heavily timbered or swampy areas want to know their feet are protected. Redhead snake boots have come out with many specific designs that keep the hunter in mind, and overall they produce footwear that is often simply of superior quality.

The States are home to plenty of venomous snakes, and do enough hunting and you're likely to stumble across some sooner or later. Turkey hunters especially seem to have a tendency to run into more rattlesnakes, copperheads, and cottonmouths than they care for. A good redhead snake boot will offer protection from the foot, all the way up to the knee, and unlike many other brands of snake proof boots, these are designed to be very comfortable, as well. This is critical for long days out in the woods or swamps, and the last thing you want to do is pull off your boot for some air only to find out there's an unpleasant surprise waiting for you under the log you're sitting on.

Boots from this company are released under several names. Red Head snake boot, RedHead snake proof boots, and RedHead Bayou snake boots are all common terms for the models of footwear that this company provides for hunters.

These boots cover the calf and lower leg just like good snake boots should, and they also keep other important factors in mind that can get overlooked. These boots are 100% water proof, very well insulated, and far more comfortable than the average snake boot while maintaining full effectiveness and protection. Even better, is that there are RedHead zip up snake proof boots. Instead of having to mess with laces or hoping for a perfect fit, some of these babies just zip right up the side.

The RedHead snake boot company might not be the biggest dog in the pack, but they make a quality cheap snake boot that is going to find a lot of fans among hunters everywhere, even out of the bayou.