Extreme cyclists of all types--whether street, dirt or race--are all well aware of Redline BMX bikes and how they are one of the most popular companies to pick from. Redline BMX bikes are one of the first to burst onto the scene and have set the bar for other manufacturers like Mongoose, Sunday, Eastern, GT and Haro to match with their ever-growing line-up of high-selling products. They didn't get famous from these Redline BMX bikes though; in fact before that they were primarily known as a top producer of lightweight, high quality motorcycle frames for flat track, TT, speedway and motocross.

The Redline BMX Bikes company started out in November of 1970 with just two men who enjoyed welding and a mere 6-person staff. This small, hardworking staff was the main reason behind the name they chose for their brand. In February of 1974, they actually produced their very first component strictly for cycles; it was the first tubular chromoly fork which eventually replaced the more common heavy, bladed forks that were often used. Nearly a year later, Redline BMX bikes finally began producing frames as well. The '75 Squareback frame was very innovative because of its angled rear stays and short front end that featured a small wedge gussett. These Redline BMX bike frames were made with such high quality that they were far too expensive for many consumers and it hurt the company because people just couldn't afford an $85 frame, no matter how nice it was. This price could be equivalent to roughly $500 to $600 by today's standards.

The next components that Redline BMX Bikes added to their list were stems. This was one aspect that they seemed to be lagging in until 1975 when they developed a super-strong, nearly unbreakable dual-clamp chromoly stem that they designed using their knowledge of motorcycle parts. Even though the company was quickly establishing a viable reputation for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality cycle parts and components, many people still simply found them to be a bit too expensive. In October of 1975, Redline BMX bikes finally starting making more affordable parts, starting with a steel and powder-coated fork that sold for only $25, rather than the more common $40 chromoly forks. This proved to be a vitally important decision on their part and also a turning point as they began full production in March of 1976 with the '76 Squareback. Ever since then, they haven't showed many signs of slowing down, and today Redline BMX bikes are considered to be some of the best cycles for relatively cheap and affordable prices, being sold in mainstream outlets such as Walmart and Target rather than strictly cycle shops.

Cheap Redline BMX Bikes for Sale

Most of the models that this brand makes are pretty modest in cost compared to many other popular companies like DK, Hoffman and Stolen to name a few. You can usually expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $350 for a nice cycle like the Gavin, Proline, MonoCog or Vilano, while some of the more expensive models can be up to $500 to $600, even $1000 or more. However, there are some websites I can recommend that have cheap Redline BMX bikes for sale. Take some of these gems into consideration if you are looking to save a little extra money.

ChainReactionCycles.com - This is one of the best websites to check out because they have one of the largest selections of cheap Redline BMX bikes for kids, teens and young adults. They have over 25 models in stock and they are all marked at low discount prices. Many of them are on sale for up to 33% off while others are in the 10% to 30% range. Here you can choose from several popular 2010 models including:

  • RL 1.1, 3.1 and 7.1 2010
  • Romp 3 2010
  • Raid 2010
  • Recon 3 2010
  • Proline 2010 Series (Pro 24" Cruiser, Pro, Pro XL, Junior, Micro, Pitboss, Expert)
  • MX20 2010
  • Flight 2010 Series (Pro 24" Cruiser, Junior, Pro XXL, Mini, Micro, Expert)
  • MX Pert 2010
  • Device 2010

All of these cheap Redline BMX bikes for sale are marked way below the suggested retail price and come in a wide variety of colors like green, blue, red, black, white, yellow, orange and several combinations of each.

RoadBikeOutlet.com - The previous website had all street and park models, but RoadBikeOutlet is a great place to look for racing and fixed gear models like the Gavin or Vilano. They currently have nearly 70 cheap Redline BMX bikes to choose from. They are basically the same few cycles, but with a nice range of various sizes and colors to pick between, all marked well below the listed prices.

Bikeman.com - This last recommendation is for those who just want a nice frame made by this highly reputable company. Bikeman has over 30 Conquest Pro and Team frames and they carry both 2009 and 2010 models. You won't find any cheap Redline BMX bikes for sale that are built as completes, but it's an excellent place to get quality framesets in tons of different sizes like 44cm, 48cm, 50cm, 52cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm and 60cm.

Redline BMX BikesUsed Redline BMX Bikes for Sale

Even though the above suggestions are viable resources for buying cheap and affordable RL cycles, one of the best ways to save the most money is to buy a second-hand model. It's a lot easier to find used Redline BMX bikes for sale than you may think simply because of how popular the brand is. People are always looking to get a new cycle and when they do they usually get rid of their old one.

You can buy used Redline BMX bikes from local cycle shops and see some pretty good success. It's a good idea to search around your area for some good deals before checking online. The biggest benefit to this is that you can make sure whatever you're considering purchasing is actually in decent condition and worth your money.

When you browse the web for used Redline BMX bikes for sale, eBay will probably be your best option. You may also find an okay selection on CraigsList.org, but outside of these two sites you will be struggling.

It's clear Redline BMX bikes are so high in demand. After learning more about their uproots and how they have made such a huge impact on the world of extreme cycling, it's no wonder why they remain one of the most popular, influential and innovative cycle and cycle component manufacturer. From racing to street, park to dirt, Redline BMX bikes have proven time and time again that they are a top-quality choice.