A Rednek wine glass would make the perfect house warming gift, birthday gift or simply a gag gift for anyone that loves their wine in larger quantities or maybe wants to have a beer with a “bit of class”!

Basically, these are mason jars with screw on lids that are firmly attached to wine glass bases.  You can get these in singles or sets.

You will look at one of these glasses and could probably think of someone on your list that this would make a great gift for.  These have become quite a popular gift idea for the person who has everything, but not likely going to have oneRednek Wine GlassCredit: amazon of these.

The Original RedNek Wine Glass

You could pair this up with their favorite wine or beer and snacks and they will get a kick out of it.

I have seen these used on tables in a “rural countryside” wedding setup, and would be a great addition to any party table, depending on the theme you are going for.  No need for separate styles of glasses on that table setting, simply use one of these Rednek glasses and it can be used for any type of beverage.

These are totally useable and can be used for other drinks as well as wine.  To me the best part is the mason jar lid that comes with it!  No more flies in those drinks outside!

Many country style restaurants have been using “mason jar” style mugs for beer and sodas, this just takes it a step further!Rednek Wine Glass(96353)Credit: amazon

I personally think these would be a great addition to an informal outdoor country wedding table setting, especially if you are in a barn setting or using covered hay bales for seats (as my niece did for her wedding last year, she would have loved to have this style of glass for her country style table setting but couldn’t find any at the time!)

But as you can see by the picture they can be used for any style of wedding for a fun addition to the table.

So, if you are looking for a “man sized” wine glass, then these would be perfect.  You would be better to hand wash these rather than trying to stuff them in the dishwasher, but they are totally useable and ready for that next party, or as a great gift idea.

You can get these online at sites such as Amazon, and you can get them in singles as shown or in sets.  What a fun and totally useable gag gift.

If you love the idea of them, but don’t want to use them for beverages, you could also use them for jams, snacks, dips or fill with mixed nuts, and are perfect because they can be covered with the screw on mason jar lid and taken off when needed.  No need for plastic wraps to keep snacks fresh just put on the lid! They make a great red neck serving dish too!

Use a Rednek wine glass at your next party, they make a great conservation piece, and when you are feeling tipsy and say you have only had one glass of wine, it will be true!

Redneck Wine Glasses

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