Many people here the term "going green", but what does it actually mean in your apartment community today. Basically if you can remember these three terms: reuse, reduce, and recycle, your well on your way to understanding the concepts of going green today. It order to lessen your individual impact on the outside environment, it is pertinent that you reduce, reuse, and recycle your fair share.

You can check various websites for ways to use less. offer a myriad of ways to lessen your impact upon the environment. They will discuss various methods including reducing wasted paper and packaging. That's always a good place to start.

Do you receive an assortment of junk mail offering you prizes and rewards? You can immediately reduce your amount of this type of mail by registering with the Direct Marketing Association's Mail Preference Service. And by contacting individual companies, you can actually reduce the amount of junk mail sent to your home or apartment.

Another fast fact is that packaging accounts for almost 30 percent of total municipal garbage. If you reduce your the amount of packaging, or just opt out of using it entirely, you will be well on your way in reducing waste.

When your occupying your apartment home you will want to reduce the electricity you use. This will apply to your water usage as well. If your not occupying a certain room, make sure you turn off the lights. This is one of the easiest things to do, yet so many of use cannot get in the habit. Also try and take shorter showers. You can also wash dishes by hand. But there are some energy efficient washer and dryers in the marketplace. Your apartment may already have them installed. Another common technique is to turn of the faucet while your brush your teeth or shave.

Paper towels should be used sparingly. You can easily use towels or sponges to clean up or dry your personal dishes. Not only will you save money by not having to purchase paper towels, you won't be throwing all that waste away. You can buy large amounts of sponges for an inexpensive price.

For those items than cannot be reused, recycling may be your next best option. Find out where the nearest recycling center is. Remember that paper, plastic, and aluminum can all be recycled.