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Reduce Back Pain: Choosing and Buying Support Belt

Pain is a fact of life. You either have heart ache that will lead to so much pain or feel physical pain that will be just as bad. Some people can be a pain in the butt. Life can be a pain and the list just goes on. Back pain has plagued a lot of people for as long as humans have existed and often there is nothing that can be done to eradicate the pain. Tall people who do heavy lifting can be vulnerable to constant back pain. Others have back pain due to pregnancy or obesity. The problem is not about the cause of back pain but how to provide relief.

Reduce back pain using support belt

There are various types of support belts used to reduce back pain. You can buy the adjustable support belt with harness or you can opt to buy the support belt that only goes around the waist line. Depending on your body shape and size, buying a support belt with harness might be a good idea for slim people with back pain. The harness will prevent the support belt from slipping down your waist. This support belt is mainly for those who suffer from back pain and do not have a huge waistline to support.

The other support belt without harness is mostly used by people who suffer from back pain due to obesity. Some pregnant women also suffer from back pain and will benefit from the support belt with harness. There are other support harnesses designed specifically for pregnant women.

Reduce back pain using support belt: How much do support best costs?

There are obesity support belts that will cost over $100. These support belts are expensive when you compare them to standard support belts designed to relief back pain. For example, you can get the adjustable back support belt for$10 at Amazon and for $7 at Walmart.

Maternity support belts are similar in shape to obesity support belts. However, maternity support belts are cheaper to buy. You can buy a Medla Maternity support belt for $20 at BedBath&Beyond. That is a huge difference from the more than $100 dollars you have to pay to reduce back pain with obesity support belts.

Reduce back pain using support belts: Lumbar support belts

What is the difference between maternity support belts and obesity support belts and lumbar support belts? Well in order to be able to answer that question, you need to know what lumbar is. So what is lumbar? If you want a more official definition, here is what Wikipedia has to say "In tetrapod anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means of or pertaining to the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum (pelvis). The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine."

In other words lumbar refers to your back. If you go back to the previous question, there is little or no difference between maternity support belts, obesity support belts and lumbar support belts. They all have different shapes and designs but they are used to reduce back pain.

Reduce back pain using support belts: Do support belts really work?

That is a good question because those who suffer from back pain really crave relief. Reducing back pain can be the difference between leading a normal life and having mobility and staying indoors and being depressed. Support belts help correct bad posture and they do provide relief. However, pain reduction is not synonymous to not having back pain. It is better to use support belts to reduce back pain than to go down the road of pill popping.