Everyone sweats. Some sweat more than others due to increased gland sizes where sweat is secreted from. This is something you have no control of - it is hereditary. Some body odor is increased due to certain medical conditions, overexertion, hot environment, medications, foods, and poor personal hygiene. Luckily, there are many easy ways to reduce body odor.

Sweating is something we have carried down with us throughout the evolution of mankind. While some sweat glands are necessary in order to cool the body so we don't overheat (known as eccrine glands), some are just there from the caveman days and serve no actual purpose (apocrine glands).

Eccrine sweat is completely odorless as it reaches the skin. However, apocrine sweat is not.

Apocrine sweat provides a breeding ground where bacteria multiply and smell up your armpits or groin. It is not the apocrine sweat that smells. Like eccrine sweat, apocrine sweat is odorless as it reaches the skin's surface. The sweat produced in the apocrine glands is thicker than that of the eccrine glands and contains fat. It is this thick sweat that the bacteria enjoy.

You can reduce body odor easily by just following a few simple steps. The most easily preventable is to maintain good hygiene. Use an anti-bacterial soap to wash your skin. If you still have particularly noticeable body odor, try using pine soap. After showering or bathing, apply an antiperspirant/deodorant to your underarms. This will not only mask the smell of body odor, it will reduce the amount of sweating as well. If antiperspirants do not work , you can always try rubbing a topical antibiotic on your underarms to help rid of the odor causing bacteria.

Try changing your clothes more frequently. If you need to reduce your body odor, then wash your clothes after ever wearing. If body odor is a real problem for you, you may even consider changing your clothes at lunch time.

Anther thing to consider in the prevention of your body odor is to avoid certain foods. Alcohol, garlic, fish, and curry can all lead to foul smelling body odor. If you can smell it in your urine, then you most likely can smell it in your sweat as well. You can also try avoiding situations that make you sweat, like the bright outdoors. Choose a spot in the shade if you have a body odor problem and avoid intense exercise programs like P90X.

To reduce your body odor, you need to reduce the amount of sweat. If you combine some of the ways listed to reduce body odor, you will be on your road to a better smelling you. If you find your body has changed suddenly and becomes very pungent or sweet-smelling, you should make an appointment to see your health care provider as soon as possible.