Cost of College

Save On College

Most people agree that it is a good idea to get a four year college education if you want to progress professionally in this world. However, attending college in the United States is only getting more and more expensive with each passing year. This article offers one possible step by step plan for saving money on a college education. Of course, there are other plans you may want to consider following, but this particular plan offers one surefire way to save money on a college education. 

With this plan, your first step is to attend a local community college for the first two years of a four year education. Some people have more than one community college within driving distance of their parents’ homes. (You will want to live at your parents’ house when following this plan in order to avoid paying rent for an apartment or boarding costs for a dorm room.) 

Step two is to avoid buying a meal plan at any school you attend if there is no need to do so, as meal plans can cost a lot of money. Save money on food by eating most of your meals at home with your family. 

After completing your two years at community college, your third step is to research the cheapest in state tuitions and apply to transfer to one of the more reasonably priced state schools located close to your parents’ home. (Once again, if saving money is your top priority, you will want to continue living with your parents in order to save as much money as possible.) After all, when you make the choice to live at home for all four years of college you will be able to avoid paying any room and board costs. Granted, you will spend money on gas traveling to and from school, but the money you spend on gas will be offset by the money you save by living at home. 

Another tip is to avoid going out to a lot of expensive places a lot during these years. Spend your leisure time with friends in places that do not cost a lot of money. Going out to night clubs and bars is overrated and very pricey. Of course, before you turn 21, it is not legal for you to go to most of these places. And after you turn 21, keep in mind that the cover charges at a lot of night spots can be quite excessive. Also, the drinks are usually overpriced. Most of all, you don’t ever want to put yourself in the position of potentially drinking and driving. Whenever you drink, make sure to use a designated drive or take a cab home. (Cab rides are expensive, of course, but well worth it in these situations.)

Warning: Given the current state of the economy, it is getting a little harder to get into community college, since more and more students are utilizing this option. Therefore, it is vitally important to put a lot of work into your community college application.