Web conferencing is something that many companies are utilizing as they realize that productivity is improved when employees all over the country and even the world can communicate with each other without needing to be in the same room or remotely close to each other in location. Some of the methods of communication that have been used previously include the telephone or email but these methods do not offer the same functionality and capabilities that web conferencing services can. They expand what can be accomplished between employees who are interacting from various locations worldwide.

Before web conferencing services were introduced many companies would hold conventions in a midpoint location where employees could meet up to work on projects and get tasks completed. However, renting out hotel or conference rooms and flying employees to this remote location costs both time and money, which are valuable and why waste the resources if they don't need to be.

Web conferencing services offer quite the variety of services, which were only ideas up until now. Most software can be considered both cross platform and browser compatible. This means it works on a variety of computers and browsers whether using Internet explorer, Firefox, opera, or even chrome or something else. Web conferencing is simple too and it only requires the Internet connection to be active and the browser to be utilized effectively.

Web conferencing can also be thought of as a better solution because things like the fact that custom branding and customize webinars with your company's logo personalized URL are made available in a simple and cost effective, even free, manner. The individual who decides to host the conference can simply email the details to everyone who needs to be in attendance and the meeting can begin with everyone logged into the specified location.

The individual who is leading the meeting has a few different tools available to them that make leading the conference very effective. Video can be shown in high quality and files can be uploaded for download in the formats of Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, images, or even Flash if necessary. Last minute changes can be made on the whiteboard that is available for the last minute modifications or additional information. Once the conference has been completed most web conferencing services also allow the individuals in attendance to complete a survey to gain user feedback or create a test that attendees can take after a webinar to ensure that the information was taken in.