How about having a vacation log cabin? You can enjoy your vacation in an elegant and unique home away from your home in any location you like. Look for the cheapest log home kits to make your dream come true without the fear of a huge budget. The log homes have a special and stunning appeal with a rustic architecture and design. They can be used for various purposes including a vacation getaway, as a hunting lodge, a rental investment or for staying all through the year. Everyone is attracted by the natural beauty of these cabins. They come in various sizes, shapes and layout. You can have additional features according to the budget.

The best way to achieve your dream of owning a log cabin is to look for cheapest log home kits. They are more affordable than the custom-built types. By choosing a kit you can save about 20-60% of the total costs. If you are a DIY enthusiast then you can save more on other expenses too. Most of the kits include the architectural plan, detailed guidelines, numbered and precut logs. Some companies even provide some support for erecting the cabin. The price of these kits usually range from $30-200 per square foot and depend on various factors which include the processing methods and type of wood used, size, floor plan, the finishing details of the interior and exterior, log cut design, options for customization, transportation charges and other kinds of support on the site.

If you want a cheap log home then consider small and basic design which is affordable. If you require extensive features then you may have to pay more. How to find the cheapest log home cabins? The best way is to shop around and compare the kits offered by various manufactures. Compare the price and the features too. If you do not want to have additional expenses then you need to forgo all the luxury features and choose basic models. However, make sure that you purchase cabins made of quality wood for long lasting and durability.

Some of the simple measures which can help you to minimize costs are as follows. Look for local manufacturers so that you can get rid of the transportation charges and retail surcharge. Choose a simple plan where you need not have to make many modifications according to the location. Extra features like balcony deck, Jacuzzi, extra bedrooms may certainly add value. But they may be more expensive too. So you can avoid these extravagant features. Try to complete all the customization options before approving the plan. You can save on the expense of redrawing the plan.

The cost of the kit may not include the charges for plumbing, roofing, windows, lighting etc. Check the product for its guarantee and look for discounts on the kits. Some manufacturers may also offer free upgrades and other discounts on appliances. By following these tips you will be able to find the cheapest log home kits. Before buying check the credibility of the manufacturer on the Better Business Bureau. Also get free quotes from multiple manufacturers and choose the best according to your preferences.