Acne Vulgaris – or reduced to Acne for short – is one of the most widespread skin conditions that has affected the majority of people at some point during their lives (the NHS website declares around 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne). Often inducing low self-esteem in those who are badly inflicted, its symptoms are well documented, ranging from small red spots to whiteheads to the larger and much nastier cysts.

And as if it’s not enough to endure having these acne symptoms, the skin disease decides to leave the face a parting gift of redness and scars – far from pleasant as many would testify. So in this modern world where there seems to be a cream or a treatment for everything, is there anything that really works to cure acne and reduce spots and redness? Well, drawing on personal experience and also from searching the web, one such treatment perhaps has the credentials to help treat your acne. Read on to find out more.

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What is Sudocrem?

Sudocrem is an antiseptic healing cream that can be bought over-the-counter and as stated on the tub, it is used to treat primarily Nappy Rash, Eczema and Bed Sores. Right, now I understand the initial reaction to imagining using a Nappy Rash cream on your face is far from ideal but bear with me. Once you get over that initial whammy it can truly become a vital part of your acne prevention regime that you will love, regardless of its primary intentions.

You might ask: if Sudocrem works for acne why haven’t I heard of it before? Despite being around since 1931, the cream has only recently become popularised in recent years, and it owes a lot to the more media-centralised generation whereby celebrities can share and endorse their favourite products (Cheryl Cole being one of them). In the UK for example, the sales of Sudocrem by the drug store Superdrug increased dramatically by 146% after the product was featured in an episode of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ in early 2012. What was once seen as an old wives’ tale, now the use of sudocrem to treat spots and redness has gained much more credit in the public sphere which can only be a good thing in my humble opinion.

Application of Sudocrem

Sudocrem Acne Routine

Does Sudocrem work for acne?

Now to the crux of the article; whether Sudrocrem really does work for acne. For me, Sudocrem has become my favourite treatment for spots and is my number one go-to cream whenever a new spot appears. It has helped to reduce redness caused by my acne, as well as helping fade away old acne scars. If a acne breakout ever occurs it’s help give me some level of comfort knowing that by using Sudocrem the problem will be diminished somewhat. It is by no means a miracle cure for acne, but Sudocrem is a very effective tool in helping to treat and prevent spots and redness.

It is not just myself who has given it a glowing reference and a simple search on the web will bring up thousands of results and satisfied customers singing praises about the Sudocrem effect on spots, redness and acne scars. Despite being in competition with other products prized far above it, the cheap tub of Sudocrem more than holds its own against the competition and is seen as one of the best forms of acne treatment.

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Problems with using Sudocrem on Acne

As with many forms of treatment, there are potential downsides to measure against the upsides and it would be unfair not to cover this. Nothing life-threatening though as long as you don’t start eating from the tub. The main potential side effects of Sudocrem are that of irritation to your skin and also allergic reactions. Dry skin is one area that sudocrem users often bring up as a downside. This is a result of the creams anti-bacterial components that help it to dry out acne spots.

The dry skin issue is one that can be tackled head on. Firstly, by applying the sudocrem with restraint and using only on necessary areas, pertaining to apply a thin layer as opposed to slopping it on liberally. Secondly, find a good moisturiser that can applied if your skin starts becoming too dry. The one that I personally like is the Nivea Soft Moisturiser; cheap but effective, just like Sudocrem. But everyone is different and there are plenty of excellent other moisturisers out there so have a look for yourself here.


So, hopefully you will have learnt a bit about what a great acne treatment Sudocrem is and that Sudocrem does work on acne! 

Skin routine using Sudocrem