Every woman who gets pregnant fears pregnancy stretch marks, and most of them get these streak marks. Human pregnancy takes almost nine months. These nine months are very important for women. A lot of care is required. When pregnancy is in its later half most of the times women get marks on her lower abdomen. These marks sometime appear on thighs and buttocks also, that makes the skin really bad. These marks are actually red lines sometimes these become purplish. It is observed that these marks appear from sixty to ninety percent of all pregnant women. Women who have light skin color; they get pinkish marks on their abdomen. During the pregnancy skin of abdomen and between thighs fatly grows. A layer of skin is known as dermis, when it tends to hold no more weight of skin, these marks appear. During last half of the pregnancy skins when abdomen arises skin loose its elasticity, which makes the pregnancy be prominent. If not treated well they can become permanent. There are several ways to cure them or prevent them. They can be removed by natural medicines and creams also.

Causes of Pregnancy Stretch Marks

During the embryonic growth women body fatly gain the weight. Dermis of skin is not strong enough to hold the weight that causes these stretch marks. Moreover after pregnancy a sudden weight loss can also seriously effect in concern with stretch marks. The amount of during the pregnancy increases by great number. After pregnancy these fats are utilized by these stretch marks. Layers of fats form in lower abdomen and thighs etc, which appears in form of colored marks. Human skin is multi functional. Where it provides us the protection it is also responsible of maintaining the shape of different body parts such as breast, thighs and abdomen. The layer of skin which is called dermis, due to its elasticity makes the shape of thighs and abdomen. During or after pregnancy it looses its elasticity that causes stretch marks. Our skin contains natural proteins that are called collagen. These proteins are found in connective tissues. Our skin and muscles tissues contain abundance of collagen. They are responsible for keeping the skin elastic. During the pregnancy muscles of buttocks and our skin looses the collagen level, which becomes the reason of these stretches. We have many vains in top layer of the skin. The lines in those stretch marks are due to reputation of these veins in top layer of skin that becomes prominent.

You will be surprise to know that genetics is highly involved in formation of pregnancy stretch mark. According to a research; pregnancy stretch marks are genetically in more than 90 percent of women all across the world. In many of the cases women during their childhood have greater amount of fats in their body but as they grow up they become shrunk. Due to this, when they become mature and get pregnant they have greater possibility to get pregnancy stretch marks either before the pregnancy or after the pregnancy. In simple words the skin of those women expands highly during the last stages of pregnancy which leaves these marks on their skin. Hoes women who have properly nourished skin have comparatively less intense marks then those of having dehydration and improper nourished skins; that may cause intense. Collagen as discussed above is a very important protein. In some cases Heavy and harsh dose of medicines such as steroid may also cause some intense marks, because these medicines have greater effect on hindering the collagen.

Prevention of Stretch Marks

Water is basic need of our body. It is important for several metabolic reactions and also very important for our skin. To prevent the pregnancy stretch marks, drink water as much as you can. So that skin may become moisturised and reduce the water loss. It also helps to retain the elasticity of your skin. Moisturising may also be retaining by use of lotions or creams. Hydroxyl acid is a compound that removes unwanted cell of skin. It also make them healthy and stable. There are many lotions which contain good amount hydroxyl acid. They are the best recommended lotions to prevent the pregnancy stretch marks. One of they best way to prevent your skin marks is through nutrition. Try to avoid all of theism things which make your skin dry such an excess smoking of citrate. Use all of those things in your food which makes your skin hydrate and prevent them to become dehydrated. Vitamin C is very important to maintain the quality of your skin. Use such food that increases the amount of vitamin C in your body such as citrus food. Numerous compounds such as vitamin E and zinc are very important to prevent reduction of collagen in your body therefore use such food which contain these natural compounds to balance the collagen level in your skin. Try to not over eat. Meal shod not is more than 500 calories. Some of pregnant women already having stretch mark some time try to scratch them when they get pregnant again. Avoid this to prevent any bad result otherwise marks can get intense.

Using some advance methods can result in good prevention of stretch mark removal. Now a day's several technology base solutions have been introduced to resolve this problem. These methods are very efficient and it may remove these stretch marks more than 90 percent. Such as laser therapy. Laser therapy is the most advanced method to get rid of these stretch marks. This technique is such effect that it can even remove oldest streak h marks. It is obviously a form of cosmetic surgery. In this technique stretch marks are not only be removed, But after removal they also vaporizes it and break down the damage tissues. These are Professional scientific ways of removing stretch marks of pregnancy. These methods take too much time and are expensive therefore some women can not afford these advanced methods. Therefore here we will discuss some of the methods that can b done at home.

Olive oil is a magical product. It has solution to many of your regular health issues. Olive oil contains Vitamin E, which is a very important compound for skin. Therefore during pregnancy and after pregnancy regularly massage for 10 to 15 minutes. Cocoa butter is to very good in prevention of pregnancy stretch marks. Applying it of marks would help in removing them. Here we discuss a little home remedied that can help in removing these stretch marks. You will need to have 6 cup Olive oil that we discussed already. In addition you will need vitamin E and vitamin A capsules.mix them all together. In this mixture add quarter cup of aloe Vera gel. Use a few drops of water to and mix them all together once again. Now use this mixture to massage at lower abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Take pregnancy stretch marks serious because carelessness can lead them to be permanent marks.