Reducing the waste at work will help keep us healthier and save the planet. The work place is a great way to conserve energy it helps the planet and reduces cost for the company you work for.Take a look at what is being put in the trash cans at work. You will be surprised on how much of the trash can be recycled. Go paperless when ever possible use email instead of writing a note to a worker on paper. Put boxes or containers near trash cans and mark them for paper. You can then take the paper to be recycled. If your company uses printers. Make sure to recycle the ink cartridges. When not in use have the office computers set to go to sleep.

When you buy new computer equipment don't throw away the old monitors. You can donate old electronic equipment that is still working to charities. Take a look at having a energy audit done for your office or business. Some local power companies will do this for free. The can review expenses and material that are using to much energy and can recommend what low power equipment to use. Take a look at what type of light bulbs you are using and replace them with longer lasting energy efficient bulbs. Make sure to use natural light as much as possible Check all the air condition and heating units to make sure they are operating at peak efficiently and replace the filters monthly.

Excessive use of paper and ink impacts the environment. You need to encourage employees to make sure that they use less paper. Use electronic mail instead of printing memos. Remember to use recycle bins for paper and paper that has been shredded can be use for packing materials. You can also but recycled paper to use for inner-office communications. If you do allot of shipping use recycled boxes there are many companies that sell boxes for shipping that are made from recycled paper. Some more office item that can be recycled include aluminum cans,batteries,ink cartridges,plastic and glass products.

You need to check the bathrooms and break rooms for dripping faucets and any electric appliances that are left on. Working to have a green company will increase profits and help the environment. Remember to do business with other companies that are working to save the environment this is a win,win situation for both businesses. Many charities will have resources that will take your used equipment and refurbish them to distribute to the poor.There are many green organizations that will help your company go green check your yellow pages or on the internet.