No great entertainment system is complete without the addition of a surround sound system. With a surround sound system, you can create a theater like atmosphere right in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Walk into any store that sells entertainment systems and you will likely find several sound systems available.

The biggest problem with surround sound systems is the massive amount of wire they require. Running wire to the speakers that sit in the front is generally no big deal. There are typically several different ways that you can hide this wire. Running wire to the speakers behind you is a very different problem.

If you have carpet in your home, you may be able to snake your speaker wire under the carpet and pop it up behind your couch in order to connect your speakers. If you have hardwood floors it will be infinitely more difficult to conceal the wire. Although there are tubes that you can stick on your wall to conceal the wire, this option is one of the least attractive.

That brings us to the concept of wireless speaker systems. In many cases, surround sound systems only include wireless rear speakers. As I mentioned earlier, these are going to be the most difficult to connect so this option makes sense. The problem with wireless rear speakers is interference. You may notice static or other annoyances if you choose this option for your entertainment system.

The last option, and a truly great one if you are looking for convenience, is the virtual surround system. This type of surround sound system is also commonly referred to as a sound bar. Instead of a bunch of speakers strategically placed around your room, this type of system has one main bar with a number of small speakers inside of it. These bars are typically around 2 feet long and a couple inches tall. They are also fairly sleek in appearance.

The virtual surround sound system, or sound bar, is typically placed directly under the TV. Like any other component in your entertainment stand, the wires for the sound bar can be easily organized in one location that is out of sight. With no rear speakers, you don't have to worry about running speaker wire all over the place.

Now some virtual surround sound systems include an additional subwoofer. I recommend purchasing a package that includes a subwoofer for superior performance. In many systems, the subwoofer is the brains of the package. This is where you will connect all of your components (TV, Playstation, DVD, etc.)