The call center business in the Philippines has surpassed India by a large margin. Mainly because of the grasp of the English language by Filipinos are better and the steady supply of talent and skills from millions of graduates each year. Knowing how much time, money and effort you invested in attracting the best, how do you make sure all of these raw talents grow with your company? How do you decrease employee turnover and develop loyalty to each other? Here are 3 key things to consider when it comes to keeping your workforce strong.

  • WALK THE TALK. If your marketing strategy says that your company’s mission is to create a customer-centered company focused on delivering quality call center services, you cannot do otherwise when it comes to making sure your agents deliver the work expected of them. You have attracted them with assertions and you can drive them away saying their performance and compensations will be based on the number of calls and issues resolved per hour. You need to maintain trust and enthusiasm, not to mention staying true to the promotion you have placed. The trick is to present a set of guidelines for your agents on what you want to happen while taking in consideration their capabilities and limitations as well.
  • REWARDS AND AWARDS. You don’t have to spend millions to motivate your employees. While most appreciate cash incentives, motivation is far more than receiving extra compensation. The motivational theory of Herzberg, the Dual-Factor theory states that a fulfillment of an area where dissatisfaction occurs may not necessarily turn to satisfaction. There are many ways in which to motivate your agents. First, a proper and fair rewards and punishment systems will do wonders. Write up rewards and honors for an agent who has reached a key goal for the company. Verbally tell them of the good work they are doing and how thankful you are. These are the ways motivation could be delivered. Money is not always an answer to motivation and satisfaction, sometimes it is loyalty, good working environments and relations.
  • AGENT DEVELOPMENT. Investing on your agents is as good as investing in your company. Bear in mind that these people are the reason why your business continues to thrive. You invest on their knowledge, expertise, experience and skills; and in doing so, ensuring they will provide you with the quality call center services you have promoted and promised your clients. Invest in trainings and programs. This will help your agents be more productive and progressive.

These steps may require sometime to work but the odds are they will. And when they do, return investments will be bigger and better.