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Here is one tip for reducing stress that works. MOVE!

Run, jog, walk fast, pop in that aerobics tape, run up and down the stairs. Get your heart pumping and burn off that stress, even scream if it makes you feel better!

This may sound simple, but it does work.

With the economy the way it is, and job loss, and finances and family always on your mind, it doesn't take much to add that to the normal daily stresses, you figured you had under control, before your head feels like it is swimming, and going in ten different directions.

Stress can creep up on you, or hit you full in the belly. It can be anything from little things each day you can't control, to that pink slip handed to you when you were not expecting it.

Now you may think, you need to sit there and wring your hands together and figure out the answer to the problems to get rid of that sweating and anxiety and swimming head, also known as stress. This seems like the thing to do, why would you put on your gym clothes and go running down the street, when you need to sit here and come up with an answer?

Well, from personal experience, I can tell you, that getting your body exercised not only burns off anxiety, it also helps to exercise your brain. You get more oxygen, and take deeper breaths, as you are forced to by the extra movement. Before you know it, you will feel calmer. Your problems will not have magically disappeared, but you will feel better equipped to now handle them. You brain will work better.

When you get stressed, whether it is a gradual attack or a full belly hit, you tend to take shorter breaths, and feel like you need to attack something or run! Also known as "flight or fight", which is the way we used to live centuries ago. But when you think of it, flight or fight would both involve exercise. Either running away or fighting back! Both will burn off that extra energy.

So, next time your day, has just got under your skin, and there is nothing you can do right, lace up a pair of running shoes, and run out the door, or go to the gym, or grab your dog and jog through the park. It is better if it is something you can do without a lot of preparation. Basically go out the door, get exercise and distraction.

As a business owner, stresses form each day. It is how we deal with them, that will decide our stress level. Reducing stress immediately by burning it off with exercise, will deal with the present. After that you have to identify the cause of the stress.

After you have done your exercise, and are feeling calmer, and have taken in more oxygen, you need to make a list of the stressors in you life, and see if you can figure out a way to deal with them or at least reduce a few of them.

I started running. I am no athlete, believe, me and being in my 50's my husband thought I was nuts taking up running. I have always walked, but stresses were building up, and one day I just started running. I didn't run very far, but after getting good running shoes, I am loving it.

I come back from a run/walk, feeling refreshed and energized. The first leg of the run, feels like I am trying to move a rusty engine! But I get warmed up and better and then it feels great. I walk if I am totally out of breath, then run again.

If running is not your thing, then walk. But cardio seems to help with reducing stress. Break out into a good sweat if you can and you will feel in a better position to deal with life.