Working in the medical field is not without risks. Doctors, nurses and other workers accept these risks, but some don’t think about the fact that they wear one danger of the medical field right on their backs. Several studies have confirmed that scrub uniforms carry bacteria and other pathogens that can be harmful to the medical, other patients and to the people they come in contact with should they wear the scrub uniform out of the hospital.

An article by Remy Melina published on LiveScience titled Medical Scrubs May Harbor Dangerous Bugs, Study Finds cites a study that found that 60% of hospital scrubs were contaminated with dangerous pathogens. This is obviously problematic and likely one factor in spreading infections from patient to patient. It also means an increased risk for the person wearing the infected scrubs.

Here are three ways to reduce the risk of infected hospital scrubs.

Frequent Changing/Limit Use

For many years the best way to limit the risk from scrub uniforms was to simply change the uniform often AND limit use of scrubs to in the hospital. On paper, this sounds great. Every time a medical worker sees an infected patient he or she would simply change out their scrubs and the problem is solved.

Anyone who has spent five minutes working in a medical environment, however, knows that this is not a practical solution. There simply isn’t time to change uniforms between every patient and the cost of doing so would be very high.

Limiting use to the hospital, rather than wearing the scrubs home, can help reduce the spread of the bacteria to the general public, but it won’t help the worker or the other patients.

Most hospitals have a policy that prohibits workers from wearing scrub uniforms out of the building. That is a good policy but many workers don’t follow the policy and wear the scrubs for a quick run out for lunch or when riding public transportation home.

Cover Up

Another option is to cover up with disposable scrub covers when visiting infected patients. Again, this takes time, but another problem is that not all patients will be known to be infected immediately. Of course, disposable scrubs cover ups will always have their place, but there is another option that can make dealing with the problem of infected scrubs much simpler.

Antibacterial Scrubs

Antibacterial scrubs are a much more cost-effective and practical solution. Doctors and other experts spent time developing a fabric that actually reduces bacteria and other matter within a few minutes. For example, the fabric has been proven to reduce MRSA by 95% within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the MRSA has been reduced by 99.9%.

Imagine a medical tee shirt that allowed hospital workers to focus on their job without having the think about infected scrubs. These comfortable hospital under scrubs are available in both short and long sleeved scrubs.

Antibacterial scrubs are the easiest way for medical workers to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria from patient to patient AND from patient to the worker and his or her family.