Cheap phone services are something that everybody wants, but a surprising amount of people do nothing about it. Customers of telecoms companies do very well out of people not wanting to switch to a competitor, but massive savings can be made by reducing telephone charges.

Reducing telephone charges as part of a package

One of the quickest ways to save the cost of a landline can be to switch your number to your TV subscription. Most large consumer media companies offer everything in one package, so you would get your internet, TV and phone service from the one provider. As an example, one of the biggest companies in the UK offers free internet if you take their basic TV and phone packages.

Cheap phone calls from your mobile

Some mobile phone operators on pay-as-you-go offer unlimited phone calls for a minimum top-up each month if you call other customers on the same phone network. Other tariffs allow you to call landlines from your own area for up to 1000 minutes a month, or get free text messages to anyone. All these offers vary by operator and country, so check locally on the internet and save by reducing telephone charges.

Cheap international calls via the internet

With so many of us now having broadband internet services, we only have a landline telephone so that we can have the internet. One of the biggest money saving options is to use internet services such as Skype by reducing telephone charges on your landline. They have a variety of packages or pay-as-you-go services for a very low amount which can give you unlimited calls within your own country or even the world (depending your package).

0845 and 0870 telephone numbers (for the UK)

Many phone calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers are very expensive and not normally part of your tariff package. But there are two ways to cut down costs on these calls:-

  • 0845 - take a look at the bill or letter advertising this number and see if there is a number to call them from overseas. Calling this number from within the UK will be taken from your package calls rather than having to pay extra. Some companies block this from happening (mainly because they take a cut of the profit for this number) but it is well worth trying.

  • 0870 - These calls can be expensive from any telephone depending on the time of day. There are some web sites that give alternative numbers so that you can call them as part of your package details.

Price comparison sites

There are numerous price comparison sites on the internet which give you an idea of how to get cheaper phone services. Take a look at those, but do check the facts for yourself to be on the safe side before entering a contract.

There are many other ways to save money and get cheap phone services, by searching on the internet to see what the deals are in your country and region. Reducing telephone charges is easy to do and we should switch now to save money.